Zorčič: The offer of the LMS to participate in the elections is unacceptable

SMC Member of Parliament Igor Zorčič thinks that LMS offers to participate in the elections are unacceptable and that the talks have come to an end. As for the negotiations with Jansa, he said that the deputies are united in negotiating, and the support depends on the outcome of the coalition. The NSi Executive Board, meanwhile, has given full mandate to party chairman Mate Tonin and the team to negotiate substantive and personnel matters.

According to Igor Zorčič have a difficult time discussing a flat-rate consensus on any coalition or coalition. the answer is not straightforward. Just as in the field consulted by party leadership over the past weeks, some in the parliamentary group are more likely to favor one form of coalition with the same party, others less.

A group of prominent individuals from socio-political life has addressed an initiative to parliamentary party presidents with the exception of the Left and the SNS to form an inclusive and operational coalition. It is thought that early elections would not significantly change the balance of power, but would lead to months of idle time that would worsen the country's inactivity.

How many SMC members can count, SDS champion Janez Janša will be there if they will agree on anything, informed in due time, Zorčič explained. According to him, the outcome of the negotiations is important.

The question of which ministries will be taken over by the individual potential partners is, according to him, “a very important element that will influence the support of this possible coalition”. “Some ministries are more state-building, some less, which means you can bring up more ideological topics on some, less on some,” he recalled.

Igor Zorčič thinks the talks with LMS are over. PHOTO: Bobo

According to him some variants more acceptable to some SMC members, some less. However, Zorčič stressed that it was not only the ministries but also the Prime Minister's question.

He did not want to talk about staff cuts, but said that negotiations with the SDS were proceeding as expected. In the end, the event will be decided by the party council. According to Zorcic, however, the negotiations for joining the government with the SDS did not block SMC developments. Vice-President and Minister , Ksenija Klampfer , said that she did not want to be in government with Janša, and said the first SMC President, Miro Cerar . Former Minister of Health Milojka Kolar Celarc is also expected to mention a possible exit in recent days.

Zorčič: it is not acceptable for the SMC to lend its candidates to LMS,

He was direct about his discussions with LMS. This party's offer to SMC to lend its candidates to the LMS list is not acceptable, according to Zorcic. The SMC is proposing to create a common list to which every half candidate would contribute to the party and would also enter the campaign financially.

He is also critical of Marjan Sarac LMS president

. , who commented on those talks Tuesday. “ On the one hand, the two presidents have authorized the heads of parliamentary groups to talk about it, and on the other hand, Šarec has repeatedly made statements. We have phone numbers, we are ready to talk to anyone about any concerns , “was a sharp Zorcic.

Is the recliner 'lobbying' for two SAB Members?

Because it will almost certainly not be voted for by all as Janša as the mandator and his government SMC MEPs, following the unofficial but reliable information of our journalist Anzhe Bozic, also spoke with two SAB Members – Mark Bandelli and

by Franz Kramar . They are not going to cross the line, but the SMC champions were also interested in whether, through the pressure of the said SAB deputies, could they possibly participate in the Janša government? The answer is no, but SAB could participate in some form of partnership for development.

Ljudmila Novak also participated in the meeting of the NSi Executive Board

NSi, meanwhile, is the party president Full mandate was given to Mate Tonin and to the negotiation team to continue the negotiations. Former NSi President and current MEP Ljudmila Novak also participated in the meeting of the NSi Executive Board, which recently did not hide criticism at the expense of the SDS champion ) Janez Janša .

Details of the negotiating positions in the NSi do not reveal. According to unofficial information, it is expected that, even with regard to the client's program, they should primarily relate to the regulation of health care and long-term care. With the latter, the means of resolving the situation could be obtained through a budget revision, which should be discussed informally with potential partners.

NSi Executive Board gives Tonin full mandate for further negotiations for new government. PHOTO: Bobo )

After initially not having a joint meeting between Janša, Počivalšek, Tonin and Pivčevo, the Prime Minister responded to the resignation of Šarec, who warned SMC that due to the negotiations with the SDS they were losing patience in the LMS, and made it a key condition that in the event of a joint election, the right-wing coalition would fall for both. Sharq's exclusion of the whole right is already a bit on the line of decency in politics.

Things are more likely to stall when it comes to applying for the enforcement of decisions of the Constitutional Court, which have not been enforced for many years.

In the meantime, hints of staffing in a potential new government have also emerged. However, NSi MP Jozef Horvat said on his Twitter profile this afternoon: “ The potential new coalition has not yet agreed on whether we will implement all the yet-to-be-executed Constitutional Court rulings, but everything revolves around staff. According to today's rumors, let me say that I am not a candidate for the President of the National Assembly . ” He added that the decision on this in the NSi was unanimous.

Potential partners expectedly secretive about negotiations

SDS has met with potential partners for the first time on Friday. They announced Tuesday that talks and reconciliation of content priorities in the second round have been ongoing since Friday and will continue in the coming days.

“Only in case of sufficient alignment of priorities and clarity on the real voting power of each of the partners and the majority sum will a third round of talks be launched in order to balance responsibility in the new government,” the SDS further explained.

Potential partners are expectedly secretive about the negotiations to form a possible new government. The midfielders type terrain in their clients. The most diverse seems to be the SMC, which also faces departures or threats from the departure of some prominent members.

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