Zidane blamed the car accident, then the unlucky driver asked him for a selfie


Madrid, 11 . . 2020, 18: 38 | Updated before 30 minutes


The coach of the Madrid Real hit the driver in front of him on Saturday morning as he traveled to Real's training center Valdebabas. The unlucky driver's response surprised him, and in the end he took a selfie with him.

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Until the accident came on Saturday when the Galactic head coach Zinedine Zidane drove towards the Real Madrid training center. A few days later, there is an interview with the Galician newspaper La Voz de Galicia Unlucky Driver Ignacio Fernandez revealed the circumstances of the car accident.

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“As soon as I saw him, I recognized him and told him I would prefer seen her get to know herself in different circumstances, but it's not bad either, “ Fernandez revealed. “I also asked him for a selfie, because otherwise no one would believe me, that Zidane was bumping into me, “ Galician described his luck in the accident businessman engaged in furniture trading. “He very kindly agreed to that. He took off his hat and took a picture with me I also told him that he could simply change the car, but he didn't agree to it, “ Fernandez joked. He left Zidane number and then settled the accident with the French agent.

“Later his agent called me and told me that Zidane was in a lot of hurry so he was glad I didn't ask him for his jerseys, tickets and autographs,” The driver hit by Zidane at the intersection is still revealed. “The truth is I'm not exactly a big fan of football,” he added.

Fortunately they both drivers were taken off the road at an intersection without damage, only the sheet metal and the light on Zidan's vehicle were destroyed.

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