Will the bridge over the decaying lake be repaired before summer?


Bled, 11. . 2020, 14: 30 | Updated 8 hours ago


The bridge over Jezernica, which stands on the main road through Bled, is falling apart. Because it is a state road, the municipality was informed by the Infrastructure Directorate, which closed the bridge halfway in mid-January, and since then, as the locals say, nothing has been happening. As the main connection with Bohinj runs across the bridge, they cannot imagine what will happen in the summer, when Bled is already drowning in sheet metal and suffocating in the exhaust.

Life in Mlini has long been difficult due to heavy traffic, and in recent weeks it has become unbearable, says the first neighbor of the dilapidated bridge. The problem is that stones are falling out of the arch of the bridge, and mortar is emerging from the joints between them. Three weeks ago, the infrastructure directorate supported the bridge and imposed a half-barrier. Since then, there has been traffic chaos.

Right next to the road is a stop for knitwear, and next to it is the beach. Guests at Žiga Galičič's Inn will, they fear, “eat” exhaust gas instead of food. Even in the Bled municipality, they are anxiously looking towards Ljubljana and wondering if it will overtake summer by repair.

We were told in writing at the Directorate that they are collecting bids for the selection of contractor, the works are expected to start in March, and in good weather the bridge will be repaired in a good month. But the locals are determined: in any case, this is a temporary solution.

Plans for 24 millions of euros worth of bypasses are still on paper only, and the start of construction depends on land purchases. According to the best case scenario, they will start construction next year and finish the work in full 11 flight.

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