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Who is Kang the Conqueror? Powers and Marvel Comics History Explained

Nathaniel Richards

There’s additionally Nathaniel Richards (no, not that one, besides additionally sure that one – hold on), born within the 31st century onto a post-scarcity world of a lot. Nathaniel was a genius, however was bullied as an adolescent, and at some point when he picked a combat with one among his bullies, Kang the Conqueror confirmed as much as cease the combat.

Kang revealed that the bully was about to kill Nathaniel, and Kang couldn’t have that as a result of he would stop to exist. Nathaniel, horrified at what he would develop into, makes use of his genius to time journey again to the Marvel Universe’s current and slap on a set of Iron Man armor, turning into the Younger Avengers’ Iron Lad.

That’s two Kangs, if you happen to’re retaining rating at residence.

Rama Tut

A while post-Iron Lad, Nathaniel was again in his future and bored out of his cranium, so he determined to construct himself a contemporary time machine and journey again to the traditional previous. He crashed his time machine in historic Egypt and took over as Emperor Rama Tut.

That’s three Kangs.

The Scarlet Centurion

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