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What’s Happening With Marvel’s X-Men?

It’s principally setup for Psylocke, X-23 (now Wolverine once more, I feel), and Sinister whereas including one other technological foe to the combo. It leads virtually immediately into Zeb Wells and Steven Segovia’s Hellions, a e book about Sinister’s group of mutants who’re all gleefully, unrepentantly screwed up and are presently on a mission cleansing up some previous clones Sinister left mendacity round.

Cable, Wolverine, and Extra…

Cable, Wolverine and the Big Dimension points, are nonetheless principally seeding future storylines. Cable, from Duggan and Phil Noto, has solely had a few points to this point, but it surely’s introduced the Galadorians (the Spaceknights minus ROM, who belongs to IDW now, I feel) into mutant orbit and given Nathan a sword for the crossover.

Wolverine, by Percy, Adam Kubert and Victor Bogdanove, has Logan monitoring down illicit Krakoan flower sellers, and likewise Omega Purple works for Dracula now. And the Big Dimension points are mysteries piled on mysteries piled on unbelievable artwork. Hickman has scripted all three, and to this point, Storm caught a technovirus from the Kids of the Vault within the Jean Gray/Emma Frost difficulty (drawn by Russell Dauterman); we discover out what’s up with Cypher’s techno-organic arm within the Nightcrawler difficulty (from Alan Davis); Magneto buys Emma an island from Namor with artwork from Ramon Perez; and we get precise backstory and unbelievable Rod Reis artwork within the Fantomex difficulty. 


The just lately wrapped Empyre: X-Males’s opening scene is concurrently probably the most necessary to the metanarrative of mutant battle that’s been growing for the reason that Professor’s “No Extra” scene in Home of X #four AND one of the best setup/punchline in any Daybreak of X comedian. It additionally begins to ship on among the rumored-but-never-announced X-Males concepts that had been floated early after the reboot – Angel and M are two of the leads, taking part in out a bit of the boardroom drama we hoped for after an X-Company e book was rumored.

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X-Issue, from Leah Williams and David Baldeon, roughly simply launched. It’s concerning the group investigating and verifying mutant deaths, to place these lives into the queue for resurrection. This feels just like the e book set as much as ship on the weirdest guarantees of the relaunch, and the inventive group are creative, enjoyable storytellers, so keep watch over this. Williams has a really sharp ear for patter and is aware of her characters nicely – whereas it’s not an X-book, Superb Mary Jane is a surprising accomplishment of pleasant character work. Early X-Issue is extra of the identical, with extra mutant excessive idea.

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