What about the injury? Neymar's visit to Düsseldorf angered PSG fans

After Paris Saint-Germain coach Thomas Tuchel publicly expressed concern over striker Neymar Jr.'s medical condition, the Brazilian soccer star appeared at his Düsseldorf German sponsor event without undue restraint, where he appeared in the public eye. he also hung out with famed cousin Alessandro Ambrosio.

“What's going on?” according to the diary Le Parisien was asked at Paris Saint-Germain when they learned that their injured attacker was Neymar Jr. traveled to Düsseldorf as the face of Replay. The French champions are waiting for the first game of the eighth Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund next week, and PSG coach Thomas Tuchel has already said of the match with his former employers “cannot confirm 100%” that he will be able to count on the most expensive footballer in the world.

The Brazilian, a former member of Santos and Barcelona, ​​has missed the last three PSG trials due to injury, after several calm weeks in the ranks of the Paris club , where he was hit by fierce criticism after a flirtation with Barcelona in the summer, but his “outing” in the French capital has again raised a lot of dust.

Neymar Jr. (in the photo) he always has a lot of work to do when he's not playing football. PHOTO: AP

Played only one elimination match in two years

“Without a doubt, this (match against Dortmund, op. A.) Will be a great match for those who love football,” he told the media in Düsseldorf where he also hung out with his cousin Alessandro Ambrosio , told by Neymar Jr. “Both teams are offensive, but Borussia has players who make a difference. Jadon (Sancho) is a player I really like to follow and is a great and very quality player,” was praised by Borussia's English superstar.

“Borussia Dortmund is a team that has a lot of quality players. They have a special player who is new, his name is Sancho. Very good. he is a player. We all know how difficult it will be for us here in Dortmund. Hopefully we will play a good game and go back to Paris with a good result, “ said the Brazilian, who has been eliminated by the elimination battles in In recent seasons PSG has always been corrupted by injuries. He only played the first game of the eighth finals with Real Madrid of the Year 2018 in Madrid (3: 1), followed by a return match in the downtime and a new one He missed the defeat of the Parisians (1: 2), nor was it in the matches with Manchester United, which eliminated the French champions after a home defeat (0: 2) by winning on their greens (3: 1).

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