Weather: France is experiencing the second mildest winter since 1900

In December and January, the temperature was more than two degrees higher than the averages recorded for 120 years .

If you feel that winter is milder than usual, tell yourself that it is not just an impression. This Friday, Météo France confirms that “the bimaster constituted by the first two months of winter 2019 – 2020 is the second mildest in France since the start of the surveys (at least since 1900) “.

According to the meteorological agency, the national average temperature over these two months” is 7.6 ° C, ie u no positive anomaly of 2.3 degrees above the climatological average over this period, which is 5.3 ° C “. Since the beginning of the 20th century, only the bimestre 2015 – 2016 Had been milder, with an average of 3 ° C. 2019 – 2020 is now ahead of winter 1915 – 1916 ( 2.1 ° C). In detail, December 2019 presented an anomaly compared to normal of 2.4 ° C. In January 2020, the surplus should be 2.1 ° C.

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Photo credit: Météo France

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Very mild end of winter

According to Météo France, it is mainly in the Southeast that the most abnormally high temperatures have been observed. An example: in Chamonix, more than 1 000 meters tall, the average temperature was 1.2 ° C, or 3.1 ° C compared to normal! Above all, “no jelly less than – 10 ° C has not been observed since the start of winter, which had never happened “, insists the meteorological agency.

On the forecasts for the Following this winter which is not cold enough, Météo France announces, after an almost hot weekend, that temperatures will drop in the middle of next week. But this refresh will be short-lived : “The latest monthly forecasts augur for the resumption of a rapid and sustainable ocean circulation”. This will be accompanied by “thermal surpluses” over “a large part of Europe, including France, in the coming weeks”.

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