'We must ask ourselves if we want Orban Slovenia, or a sovereign, our own Slovenia'

“Slovenian politics is interesting, it is difficult to understand.” Thus, he begins his record in which the current political developments, the formation of a possible Janša government, the allegedly controversial financing of the Hungarian party and the alleged threats to journalists, comments Prime Minister Marjan Sarc. “We have to ask ourselves if we want Orban Slovenia, whether we want a sovereign, our own Slovenia.”

The contours of a possible new coalition led by the SDS are increasingly clear. longtime Opposition Champion Janez Janša said yesterday in a press release that “as far as content is concerned, a coalition can be formed”. And while intense talks are taking place in the background, Prime Minister Marjan Sarec responded to the colorful political event in a lengthy Facebook post, stating, among other things, that when the SDS started forming a government, it quickly began to talk about the offers: “Some people think that there is no offer to entice us because we have dignity and historical memory. Others think otherwise, which is their right. However, the right of one ends where the right of the other begins. . ”

He continues that instead of talking about who will occupy which line of business, we should ask “who will this government is subordinate if the SDS party's media is proven (and the SDS does not even deny it) to be funded by Hungary, to say nothing about controversial loans from the Republic of Srpska “.

Šarec continues that politics prefers “quietly shaking her head in the sand” instead of saying uniformly that this is unacceptable . “It is interesting that Matej Tonin , who is so concerned with national security and is concerned with everything possible, has not yet convened ' Rather, he is negotiating for the post of President of the National Assembly. Ljudmila Novak , MEP, boldly expressed her position because she has historical memory and experience. things are clearer in Brussels. ”

Premier in resignation, Marjan Sarec. PHOTO: Miro Maicen

'It's like a shark complaining about being considered a dangerous animal'

He couldn't even get past the recent threat by a lawsuit by SDS over Sarac's recent statements about party financing from Hungary – “this is the way a shark would complain that we consider him a dangerous animal, “ writes Šarec, adding that the client expects an apology for the” fact stated ” , whose president and members have voiced hundreds of insults in the past and today. “There is no need to mention the offending of journalists with prostitutes. Yes, about their media, which goes to the lowest levels of discredit, on a personal level. When someone sues Janez Janša, it is 'guilt' when he sues Janez Janša, the court path is fine.

When information came out about allegedly controversial media financing, in connection with the SDS, “one without the other,” writes Šarec, instead of condemning it most vigorously, the whole politics found itself under accusations by the SDS – among them, the Prime Minister, in his resignation, highlighted the recent accusations against the LMS MP, Aljaža Kovačič , accused by the SDS of releasing classified information. “But come on, gentlemen, really? Also, the NPU started to deal with this matter and immediately got discredited. Anyone who would not accompany you for years and years, either as an observer or as an active participant in politics, I might get stranded by you. I don't anymore. ”

'The naive are those who think that they will occupy the armchairs nicely and everything will be fine'

“There are also threats against journalists… already… let alone when the SDS-led government is assembled,” continues Šarec, adding that in his opinion “those who think that they will occupy the armchairs are nice and that everything is in the best order.” )

Sharec also questions how a climate-denying party may face a European green strategy 2050 and how she will explain her attitude to European history in Europe. “It is clear who was part of the anti-fascist coalition. I also wonder how it will close the borders against migration at the same time. Slovenia supports the rule of law … how will the SDS party explain the ongoing attacks on the judiciary and other independent institutions? Does it play today, or will it play at the time, it just doesn't matter. The masks will fall off sooner or later. ”

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'We must ask ourselves if we want Orban Slovenia'

In his resignation, the Prime Minister expects the Prime Ministers of the National Assembly to convene “their commissions and started actively addressing these issues before it grows over both citizens and the country” – as, as Šarec writes, “Whoever finances you is probably not because you are cute but wants something in return” .

“We have to ask ourselves if we want Orban Slovenia, whether we want a sovereign, our own Slovenia. We know which party presidents now have the decision in their hands. The choice is clear. … maintaining positions and assisting with all of the above, or early elections, where people will decide! ”

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