We are spending more and more on Valentine's Day, especially for restaurants, flowers and jewelry

In Slovenia, too, we have adopted Valentine's Day as ours, at least according to consumption figures during this time, as more and more money is being spent on donations. The lovers prefer to pamper themselves with good food, but we still love to give our loved ones flowers and jewelry. In the meantime, the experience of giving presents is becoming more and more popular.

Valentine's Day as a holiday of lovers is over 30 flights began to take over from western countries and the US. PHOTO: Shutterstock

Love is the emotion that prepares us to do things we would not otherwise do. But we try to express our love in a variety of ways – even by giving. And although we can gift our loved ones every day of the year, the Valentine's Day holiday especially stands out.

Consumer habits and trends during Valentine's Day are analyzed annually by the international Mastercard Love Index survey, which looks into credit transactions, debit and prepaid cards from more than 53 countries around the world.

Lovers all over the world are here every year ready to deduct more money to draw a smile on their loved ones. Consumption in the name of love is growing five times faster than the global economy globally. Since 2017, Valentine's Day spending has thus increased by

percent, and in Slovenia even 39 percent .

How do Slovenians like to show love on Valentine's Day?

For Valentine's Day, we, with our partners in Slovenia, are most fond of food, as evidenced by the growing consumption of restaurants in this period. The number of transactions in Slovenian Valentine's Day restaurants has increased by 2017 since percent, and the total amount spent in Slovenia increased by 54 percent.

Love goes through the stomach, they say. For Slovenians, this is obviously the case, since Valentine's Day is often celebrated in restaurants, with good food. PHOTO: Shutterstock

Otherwise, the most popular among Slovenians are “traditional” gifts such as chocolate, flowers and jewelry. Last year, flowers sold 23 more than three years ago. Last year, too, for jewelry, Slovenians wasted 76 redundancies for more than a year 2017. And while such Valentine's Day gifts are still our first choice, they are declining globally. Jewelry purchases have grown by only six percent over the last three years, and Valentine's Day sales globally have grown by only 3 percent globally.

Adventures as a growing trend

Gifting for adventures is increasingly popular in the world. “ Hotel bookings have jumped by 42 percent, and flights to romantic destinations by percent. Last year, Slovenians performed 38 percent of hotel accommodations last year compared to previous years. more transactions, while we recorded nine percent fewer transactions for romantic trips, “ wrote. For Valentine's Day flight and travel bookings, lovers around the world have deducted about two billion euros. “ The trend toward adventuring instead of traditional material gifts remains popular, and it is clear that today's generation wants to use Valentine's Day as an opportunity to create shared experiences,” said Ales Petejan , Head of Marketing Mastercard in Slovenia.

Slovenians are still in favor of congratulations on Valentine's Day, as we bought them for the last year for 29 percent more than three years ago. In the meantime, their popularity is no longer so great, as their consumption has grown by only two percent.

Individuals in Slovenia most often wait until the last to buy gifts. Total number of transactions in the days before Valentine's Day – hence 11. to 14. February – has grown globally 31 in the last three years, and in Slovenia percent. So while we buy gifts at the last minute, lovers around the world plan to buy much sooner. Global data shows that planning for Valentine's Day is increasingly organized, as most transactions were performed earlier than in the past.

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