Video. Peru: tanker pipe stalls en route, explosion kills eight

It was while riding a donkey, one hour before the crowds in the big city of Villa El Salvador, that the pipe of a truck carrying gas caused a spectacular explosion and at least eight deaths, including children.

The death toll from a gas truck explosion in Lima is now eight dead and some 40 injured, authorities said on Friday. “According to the latest report, we have eight people who died after the truck exploded,” said a spokesperson for the Peruvian Ministry of Health. The previous assessment reported four deaths.

L'explosion, en plein à l'heure de pointe, a ravagé tout le quartier, brûlé les immeubles et les gens à l'intérieur et sur les trottoirs.
The explosion, at the height of rush hour, ravaged the entire neighborhood, burning buildings and people inside and on the sidewalks.

Photo credit: Capture YouTube PP Noticias

ud 83 d udce3Presidente @MartinVizcarraC, that el Comandante General del Ejército se ponga al servicio de Villa El Salvador, para reponer servicios básicos de agua, desagüe y luz. Lamentando la gran tragedia, todos debemos unirnos, encabece el auxilio, no se haga a un lado #VizcarraAparece

— Virgilio Acuña (@virgilio_acuna) January 24, 2020

Four people, very badly burned, died from their injuries, the health authorities said. Two of them had burns on 100% of the body. Three children are among the deceased . Seven others, among the 48 injured, are in serious condition , according to the same source.

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The very spectacular accident took place Thursday shortly before 7 a.m. local time (11 hours in France), when the majority of 500 000 residents of Villa El Salvador went out to work. The explosion occurred as a result of a gas leak, caused by the removal of a pipe from the truck following the passage of 'a speed bump on the road.

The fire spread very quickly. Some 13 fire trucks were necessary to deal with the fire, which destroyed at least 14 houses around the place of the explosion. Authorities multiplied requests for blood donation to cope with the influx of wounded.

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