Venezuela: President Maduro accuses the French ambassador of interference

The French ambassador is accused by Nicolas Maduro of “seriously interfering in the internal affairs of Venezuela”. He does not exclude the possibility of expelling him

President Nicolas Maduro accused Friday the French ambassador to Venezuela, Romain Nadal, of interfering in the internal affairs of the country, after the French diplomatic representative welcomed him at the airport l opposing Juan Guaido on his return from an international tour.

“The French Ambassador to Venezuela has once again gravely interfered in the internal affairs of Venezuela,” said the Head of State during a press conference with foreign correspondents.

Maduro said that the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs “is studying the answer” to give to this case, without ruling out the possibility of expelling the diplomat , as had been the case in March 2019 for the German ambassador in Venezuela, Daniel Kriener, who had been declared “persona non grata” for hosting the opponent Caracas International Airport.

“The answers cannot be automatic and repetitive, what we did a year ago, will not necessarily be what we will do today … even if it can be “, warned the head of the socialist state, in an allusion to the case of Mr. Kriener who finally resumed his post in July 2019.

Yellow vests

The President of the National Assembly, recognized as interim president by 60 country, returned on Tuesday from a 23 day tour during which he notably met French Presidents Emmanuel Macron and American President Donald Trump. Several members of the diplomatic corps were waiting for him upon his arrival at the airport.

Nicolas Maduro also questioned the reaction of the French authorities if the Venezuelan ambassador to France were to participate in the demonstrations “Yellow vests”, the social protest movement that appeared in France in 2018.

The Venezuelan President asked his head of diplomacy, Jorge Arreaza, present at the press conference, “ to study closely the response to be given to these embassy officials who have interfered in the internal affairs of Venezuela”.

“We will study (their case) one by one,” he added.

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