Three cases in France, 41 dead in China, the army as reinforcement: what we know about the Chinese coronavirus

While three cases have been confirmed in France, the epidemic is rapidly spreading in its country of origin, with 1 300 cases of contamination, of which 41 fatal listed this Saturday.

The Chinese coronavirus is gaining ground and each day brings its share of revelations. On Friday, health authorities confirmed that three cases had been detected in France, the “first in Europe”. In China, the army was called in as reinforcements to try to contain the epidemic. Here is what we know.

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Three cases in France, including one in Bordeaux

Three cases of the new Chinese coronavirus were ” confirmed ”in France, on patients hospitalized in Paris and Bordeaux. At least two had traveled to China and were placed in solitary confinement. “We are telling the story of these positive patients in order to get in touch with the people they have met”, explained the Minister of Health Agnes Buzyn. “Today we have the first European cases, probably because we developed the test very quickly and are able to identify them,” she said. “You have to treat an epidemic like you treat a fire, quickly locate the source” and “circumscribe it as quickly as possible”, she said again.

What do we know about patients identified in France?

The Bordeaux patient, aged 48 years, returned on 22 January in France after “a few days” in China where it is notably “passed by Wuhan “, And was hospitalized on Thursday in Bordeaux, said Agnès Buzyn. “He is fine,” she said. He is taken care of at the Pellegrin University Hospital “in an isolated room by specialized medical teams whose competence in infectious diseases is internationally recognized, “said the hospital, stating that it” continues its normal operation “without disruption for” patient reception “.” The health professionals “of the service” follow the protection protocols in force in wearing (…) gloves, mask and suitable clothing, “he said.

The patient, a French man from China with ties to Bordeaux, who presented himself at SOS-Doctors on Thursday with cough and fever, was taken care of according to an “absolute emergency” protocol, with confinement, wearing of masks and call to 15 before his transfer to the hospital, reported the door the words of SOS Doctors Bordeaux, Dr Karl Moliexe. “Because of our operation, by appointment, he met few people in the waiting room, less than 10 people and kept himself away. The risk for other patients is almost zero, “he said.

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According to the doctor, the patient from Wuhan was in France since “at most 24 hours “and had transited through the Netherlands. The Minister was unable to give details of the two patients spotted in Paris , however indicating that one of them had gone to China and that he was hospitalized at Bichat hospital in Paris.

This Saturday morning, during a press conference, the mayor of Bordeaux, Nicolas Florian, made a few clarifications: “The news is reassuring, the patient has been taken care of. We must not panic, he assured. Patient returned from China days, work was carried out to identify all the people he visited, the situation is under control “. edile, “the patient did not use public transport or frequent places to live. The ten people who may have been in contact with him were taken care of and no other case of suspicion was reported to Bordeaux”.

What attitude to adopt in case of doubts?

During her press briefing, Friday evening, Agnès Buzyn estimated that the incubation period was probably “around 7 days, between 2 and 12 days “. People with whom coronavirus positive patients have been in contact must “take their temperature several times a day, contact the center 15 in case of symptoms and stay with them for now to avoid any subsequent contact that would promote the spread of the virus, “insisted the minister, calling not to go to the emergency room if symptoms arise.

” For travelers returning from China, it is important to be monitor, and at the slightest respiratory sign or if you have a fever, you should not go to the emergency room, you must call the center 15 who comes to pick up the patient, “she insisted.

How is China organizing?

The epidemic is spreading rapidly in its country of origin, with 1 300 contamination case including 41 mortals identified this Saturday. The coronavirus left in December from the city of Wuhan, which has been placed in de facto quarantine. “No one can go out,” said a police officer. Trains and planes have not been allowed to leave the city since Thursday. Besides Wuhan, almost the entire province of Hubei is cut off from the world, bringing the total number of confined inhabitants to more 56 million, almost the population of South Africa.

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The army sent three planes to the forbidden zone disembarked Friday evening 450 military doctors and other medical personnel. The hospitals being overwhelmed, the construction of a site to accommodate a thousand beds began on Friday. It must be completed … in 10 days, February 3 , according to public media. All but two deaths were recorded in Wuhan or elsewhere in Hubei, a province as large as Syria.

Outside Hubei, the authorities have announced the implementation of measures to detect the virus throughout the country.

Inspection points will be set up in place and all travelers with symptoms of pneumonia will be “immediately transported” to a medical center, the National Health Commission announced. The balance sheets increase daily from 26 died Friday at 41 Saturday . The total number of contaminations increased from 830 to 1 287. Of this total, 237 cases are considered “critical”, according to health authorities. Most of the patients who have died so far were either over 65 Years, either suffering from preexisting diseases.

How many cases elsewhere in the world?

In addition to the three French cases, a second case was confirmed to United States, where President Donald Trump praised Beijing's efforts to try to contain the spread of the virus. “China is working very hard to contain the coronavirus . The United States really appreciates (its) efforts and (its) transparency,” he tweeted, saying to himself convinced that everything was “going to be fine”. “On behalf of the American people, I especially want to thank President Xi” Jinping, he added.

In Asia, cases of contamination have been announced in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well than in South Korea, Nepal, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. In total, 24 Cases, including those discovered in France, were identified outside of China.

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