The winners in pictures of the 57th South West Sports Academy Awards

This Tuesday 21 January 2020, at the Arkéa Arena in Floirac , the sportsmen of the region were rewarded by Sud Ouest

It is for the first time at the Arkéa Arena, the Bordeaux Métropole concert hall, opened two years ago on the right bank of the Garonne in Floirac, that Sud Ouest has honored the most deserving athletes in the region.

As usual, this 57 he South West Academy Awards crowned the performances of our best representatives in 2019, but it also made it possible to honor a personality of aquitain sport, figure of French rugby: Dimitri Yachvili.

Other glorious former names in French sport were present to present the trophies, such as Christine Arron (athletics), Jean-Pierre Papin, Pascal Olmeta, Laurent Blanc, Didier Tholot (football), Myriam Borg Korfanty (handball), Franck Dumoulin (shooting) or Heini Adams and Guy Accoceberry (rugby).

Hommage aux Girondins champions de France en 1999 et 2009.
Ho mmage to the Girondins champions of France in 1999 and 2009.

Photo credit: Laurent Theillet

Palmares 2020

Oscars of honor: André Boniface and Dimitri Yachvili (rugby).

Oscar d'honneur, l'ancien demi de mêlée international Dimitri Yachvili.
Oscar d ' honor, former international scrum half Dimitri Yachvili.

Photo credit: Laurent Theillet

Oscar collective pro sport: Bayonnais rowing rugby.

Oscar favorite: Viviane Asseyi (football, Girondins).

La footballeuse des Girondins Viviane Asseyi, Oscar coup de cœur, et sa maman au micro.
Girondins footballer Viviane Asseyi, Oscar crush, and her mom at the microphone.

Photo credit: Laurent Theillet

Bernard Magrez Trophy: Frédéric Villeroux (Cécifoot, SA Mérignac).

Bernard Magrez avec Frédéric Villeroux, le
Bernard Magrez with Frédéric Villeroux, the Cécifoot “Messi”

Photo credit: Laurent Theillet

University Oscar: Gabriel Tual (athletics, University of Bordeaux).

Departmental Oscars

Gironde: Myriam Borg-Korfanty (handball, Mios-Biganos) and Claude Delage (athletics, Talence).

Dordogne: Ludovic Pérusin (rugby, Sarlat) and Philippe Vallaeys (canoe -kayak, Marsac).

Christophe Galichon, directeur des opérations et de la rédaction de Sud Ouest et Jean-Pierre Dorian, rédacteur en chef, entourent l'ancienne sprinteuse Christine Arron.
Christophe Galichon, Director of Operations and editorial staff of Sud Ouest and Jean-Pierre Dorian, editor-in-chief, surround former sprinter Christine Arron.

Photo credit: Laurent Theillet

Lot-et-Garonne: Samir Ziani (boxing, Ring Villeneuvois) and Cyril Lazaro (rugby, Agen).

Basque Country: Lauriane Lissar (rugby, AS Bayonne), Christophe Quittic and Pascal Larzabal (rugby, Urrugne).

Béarn: Elodie Guillenteguy (basketball, Orthez) and Bruno Irles (football, Pau FC) .

Laurent Blanc a remis l'Oscar sportif amateur du Béarn (64) à la basketteuse de l'US Orthez, Elodie Guillentéguy. À droite, l'Oscar dirigeant est revenu à Bruno Irles, l'entraîneur du Pau FC.
Laurent Blanc awarded the Béarn Amateur Sports Oscar (64) at the basketball player of the US Orthez, Elodie Guillentéguy. On the right, the Oscar leader returned to Bruno Irles, the coach of Pau FC.

Photo credit: Laurent Theillet Laurent Theillet

Charente: Vanessa Moesta (handball, Angoulême) and Hervé Loubat (football, Angoulême).

Pour la Charente, l'Oscar sportif amateur était décerné à la handballeuse du club d'Angoulême Charente HB, Vanessa Moesta avec Didier Tholot, qui remettait aussi l'Oscar dirigeant à Hervé Loubat l'entraîneur du club de football d'Angoulême CFC.
For the Charente, the amateur sports Oscar was awarded to the club handball player d'Angoulême Charente HB, Vanessa Moesta with Didier Tholot, who also presented the Oscar leader to Hervé Loubat the coach of the Angoulême CFC football club.

Photo credit : Laurent Theillet

Charente-Maritime: Marine Gilly (judo, Maisons-Alfort) and Pascal Régnier (baseball, La Rochelle).

Landes: Marie Oteiza (pentathlon) and Jean-F rançois Lacoste and Vincent Jacquemain (football, St-Paul-les-Dax)

Marie Oteiza a reçu l'Oscar sportif amateur des Landes. Elle s'est qualifiée pour les JO 2020 en pentathlon moderne. A sa gauche, Pascale Requenna d'Hagetmau et l'Oscar dirigeant qui récompense le Saint-Paul Sport Football.
Marie Oteiza received the Amateur Sports Oscar from the Landes. She qualified for the Olympic Games 2020 in modern pentathlon. To his left, Pascale Requenna d'Hagetmau and the Oscar leader who rewards Saint-Paul Sport Football.

Photo credit: Laurent Theillet

Sud Ouest

Photo credit: Laurent Theillet

South West Trophies – Rematch

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