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The Walking Dead: What the Commonwealth Means for Season 11 and the Ending

In some ways, this last Commonwealth arc is the comedian’s greatest storytelling gambit but, with plenty of new ideas and shifting components. The Strolling Useless TV present now solely has 30 episodes (6 remaining “extra” season 10 episodes and 24 season 11 episodes) to inform the entire thing. 

So within the grand custom of our comedian ebook catch ups dating back to season 8, we offers you a fair proportion of Strolling Useless season 11 spoilers right here by detailing what’s but to return within the last arc of the comics and due to this fact what’s what but to return within the last arc of the present. Learn alongside to learn the way what The Commonwealth is and the way The Strolling Useless will finish.

What’s The Commonwealth?

When Eugene, Yumiko, Ezekiel, and Princess arrive on the prepare depot rendezvous on the finish of season 10, the armor on the troopers that accost them leaves completely no thriller as to the place they’re. Eugene and firm have arrived at The Commonwealth. What precisely is the Commonwealth? Properly to place it within the easiest phrases attainable: The Commonwealth is a neighborhood…an enormous, large, large, large, large neighborhood. 

Within the comics, The Commonwealth exists someplace in Ohio. Within the present it’s someplace in West Virginia. But when this present Commonwealth takes after the ebook Commonwealth, then Eugene and buddies can count on to have simply encountered a neighborhood of 50,000 individuals. 50,000! That’s an above-average sized suburb nearly wherever within the U.S. in regular instances. Within the context of the zombie apocalypse, it’s a super-city. For comparability’s sake, the mixed inhabitants of Alexandria, Hilltop, The Kingdom, The Sanctuary, and Oceanside numbers within the lots of.

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As evidenced by its extremely organized and closely armored troopers, The Commonwealth is an especially superior society. It has a functioning goverthemodernhealthcarent led by Governor Pamela Milton. It has distinct army and police forces to maintain individuals protected. It even has a thriving restaurant scene and leisure actions like baseball video games held in stadiums. All is effectively at The Commonwealth. But additionally, like…is all effectively at The Commonwealth?

The Rotten Core

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