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The Walking Dead Season 10 Ending Explained

How Are the Whisperers Defeated?

No disrespect to The Governor and Woodbury or Negan and the Saviors, however Alpha and the Whisperers are actually the most effective villains that The Strolling Useless has conjured up over its ten-season run. These animalistic creeps who walked among the many useless have been a number of the spookiest and most threatening baddies that Rick, Daryl, Carol, and firm have ever needed to take care of. 

How then have been our heroes in a position to defeat such an imposing menace? With the ability of music, in fact! The survivors plan to outlast the Whisperer menace and finish their imposing horde of walkers as soon as and for all was a comparatively easy one. Whereas holed up of their defensive tower, Luke led an effort to cobble collectively a stereo system rigged to play The Speaking Heads’ “Burning Down the Home” at loud quantity. Since walkers are naturally drawn to loud noises, this might lead the herd away from the tower and all of the communities housed there, and take the walkers over a cliff. The essential factor to recollect right here is that the Whisperers are comparatively small in quantity and don’t have any “dwelling base” because it have been. Their actual hazard lies within the undead firm they preserve, and to neutralize the Whisperers one simply must kill the herd of zombies they stroll amongst.

It’s a easy sufficient plan certainly however not so easy in execution. To get from the tower to the trail to guide the zombies away Daryl, Carol, Beatrice, Luke, Jerry, and Magna must one way or the other get by way of the horde. They achieve this by deploying the tried and true technique of zombie camouflage: masking themselves in guts. This gradual shuffle to security makes up the tensest moments of the episode as our heroes must keep away from walkers and the Whisperers amongst them. Sadly, Oceanside resident Beatrice attracts the “finale demise” brief straw and doesn’t make it by way of. 

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As soon as cleared, the gang is ready to attract the walkers very far-off from the tower however not all the best way to the cliff on account of Whisperer treachery. Fortunately, Lydia makes use of her data of herding to attract the walkers the remainder of the best way the place the immense military amassed by Alpha and Beta fall harmlessly to the valley past.

Beta’s Dying

Talking of Beta…he’s useless! We’re unhappy to see the large lug go however at the very least he died doing what he loves: having knives pushed into his eye sockets without having intercourse with Alpha. When it turns into clear that the gang’s solely shot at getting the zombies over the cliff is to belief Lydia, Daryl proposes a brand new technique to the remainder of the group. They’re to move again into the horde and decide off the remaining Whisperers one after the other.

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