The Vietnamese authorities have quarantined several villages with 10,000 inhabitants

The number of deaths and the number of new coronavirus infections have increased dramatically, mainly due to a new method of screening and diagnosing cases introduced by the Chinese authorities. The deadliest day since the start of the outbreak was recorded in Hubei. In Vietnam, meanwhile, authorities have quarantined several villages near the capital, confirming the sixth case of infection.

In China, the last hours recorded a high increase in both fatalities and new cases of coronavirus infection. Only in Hubei Province, the epicenter of the outbreak of the disease, 107 people have died – it is the deadliest day since the outbreak began. They also recorded 14. 840 new cases of infection.

The reason for the high increase in the number of deaths and new patients is, in particular, the new case-counting method introduced in Hubei province. Authorities there have confirmed that they have expanded the definition – which now includes all “clinically diagnosed” persons. These are all persons who have experienced symptoms of the disease and whose CT scan has indicated a lung infection. So far, the authorities have officially recorded only cases that have been confirmed by laboratory testing.

However, critics of the Chinese authorities have long warned that the true number of coronavirus infected persons is higher than the official figures.

Since the 242 death in the last day, such cases have been confirmed by the new method, 135 – but without a new definition, 107 deaths were recorded in Hubei victim, which still represents a high increase.

On the last day, they confirmed 14. 840 new cases of infection. PHOTO: AP

In the wake of the crisis, two leading politicians in Hubei province and the city of Wuhan were dismissed from office on Thursday.

The MS Westerdam cruise ship, which was rejected by several Asian ports due to fear of being infected by a coronavirus on board, has now anchored in Cambodia. On Wednesday, Diamond Princess, which also has six Slovenians, confirmed 44 new cases of infection. Still, not all passengers and crew on board were tested.

Quarantine the area with .000 inhabitants

Authorities in Vietnam, meanwhile, are reportedly AFP , have quarantined the rural area of ​​Son Loi in Vinh Phuc province with around 10.000 inhabitants. It is an area with several villages and is located near the Vietnamese capital. So far, six cases of coronavirus infection have been reported here. Authorities have already set up checkpoints around the area, and medical personnel in protective clothing disinfect vehicles.

Control points have already been set up by the authorities. PHOTO: AP

A case of the first major quarantine outside of China, where the multimillion-dollar sites were completely isolated by the authorities due to the outbreak of the virus. The quarantine is currently expected to last 20 days, the Vietnamese authorities said.

The villager Tran Van Minh told AFP that have already been instructed to avoid major rallies.

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