The treat in Boston belonged to the home Celtics

The Boston Celtics basketball players have chased the Los Angeles Clippers into the North American NBA Professional Basketball League after two overtime 141: 133 and came in their seventh consecutive home-court victory and eighth in their last nine games. Jayson Tatum scored 39 points, just two behind the career record, Marcus Smart added 31 points.

Jayson Tatum hit 22 from 23 throws to the basket, threesomes is metal 5: 10, adding nine rebounds in more than 47 minutes on the floor while playing solid defense against Kawhi Leonard and family .

“It was a really tough race, but we didn't give up. It will be nice to go on a break for the star game as a winner and enjoy these free moments,” Tatum said after the game. “I practiced throwing a lot. In addition, my teammates trust me and I trust them too. We know very well who is 'hot' and who needs to pass the ball,” Tatum added about one of the secrets of Celtic success.

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Gordon Hayward with

also appeared in the home team points and
jumps, and Kemba Walker who contributed to the victory 19 points and nine rebounds. The first scorer of California guests to play most of the game without Paul George was Lou Williams , who scored 35 points off the bench, first star Leonard collected them 28 and 11 jumps. The Celts have also announced that they will retire Kevin Garnett's jersey next year next year led Boston to NBA title.

Oklahoma celebrates in New Orleans

The only remaining game of the evening before the break for the All-Star game is Italian basketball Danilo Gallinari scored 29 points and led the Oklahoma City Thunder to victory with 123: 118 over New Orleans. German Reservist Dennis Schröder added 22 points, New Zealander Steven Adams 31 points, including your first NBA triple, and 31 jumps. Chris Paul collected 14 points and 12 give.

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Pelicans star, rookie Zion Williamson was the first scorer to match 32 points, JJ Redick is off the bench for New Orleans added 24 points.

League NBA, Out:

Boston Celtics – LA Clippers 141: 133 (after two overtime)

New Orleans Pelicans – Oklahoma City Thunder 118: 123

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