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The Simpsons Season 32 Episode 2 Review: I, Carumbus

All of it begins on the farm the place Obeseus does the work of a number of cattle, plowing fields. His father replaces Obeseus each as an agricultural implement and emotionally when he trades him into slavery for an actual ox. The Simpsons spends slightly time doing a parody of Spartacus, with Homer plowing the sector with the useless our bodies of his gladiator opponents. They go a step additional when the daughter of one of many Doctores Retiarii who trains the gladiators, performed by Joe Mantegna’s Fats Tony persona, get pregnant by one of many fighters. All of the gladiators rise in unison to proclaim “I had Sexicus” in a parody of the well-known “I’m Spartacus” scene. It’s a rousing second with a double entendre that misses its mark by a few discus throw.

It’s telling, humorous and fully in character for Obeseus to betray himself by pondering he was betrayed by his buddies and Majora. It does appear, for a second, the opposite gladiators could be bragging about having a go along with the vestal not-so-virgin. By lacking the purpose that his buddies had been attempting to guard him, Homer’s whole persona, every little thing we all know, love and forgive about him, is outlined. He doesn’t screw his buddies for that reason although. That’s solely because of the affect of his new freedom to be enslaved by the bold daughter of a Roman businessman. It additionally helps that each Homer and Obesius’ legends are solid within the self-referential tales and prowess of Mr. Plow.

It feels like a contented ending, however X years and II youngsters later, Obesius finds himself within the whizz biz, fermenting human urine into ammonia. Right here we get one other historical past lesson from Springfield Elementary, which oddly sufficient is much more TMI than what we noticed on HBO’s Rome. This is similar occupation which fortified the coffers of a younger Marcus Tullius Cicero, who would later discover his arms nailed to the Senate doorways. We are able to solely hope Obesius washed his as he follows his spouse’s bidding to place himself up for a seat on the ground.

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Even Senator Horse, a reference to a real-life satirical appointment made by Emperor Caligula, is aware of there are benches. The buildup and denial comply with acquainted Simpsons plot motion, and whereas the jokes land, and the story strikes ahead, the precise laughs ought to have come at a quicker charge. That is fertile floor for the fast-pace verbal sparring the solid does so nicely, and it looks like it’s thrown away too shortly.

Lots occurs within the rising motion. Obesius takes credit score for his slaves’ improvements. He falls deeper into the Seduction of Mimi morass by stiffing his buddies for upward movement. However his final energy transfer helps the Emperor slip backwards on a knife so his son can rule. That is made extra curious by the truth that the daddy, portrayed by Springfield’s Mayor Quimby, is way a lot youthful than his son, performed by Mr. Burns, who could very nicely have identified precise Romans he’s so outdated. The precise punchline, “Et tu, pee man?,” is intelligent however feels a bit stale as a result of it’s such a Simpsons branded second. The smaller element of seeing El Bartius graffiti everywhere in the someday-ruins is equally historic a gag, however works higher.

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