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The Simpsons Season 32 Episode 1 Review: Undercover Burns

Burns, after all, passes the employees exams to grow to be a part of the gang. They escape the hounds, share pickled “I wish to say horse” eggs at Moe’s, and do karaoke, with Burns’ alter-ego placing in a stunning rendition of “The Spaniard who Blighted my Life.” The stunning factor being that the little-known 1930s novelty music is on the karaoke laptop. As is his commonplace response, Homer and the blokes on the plant take to Fred Kranepool famously, and virtually instantly. As he’s performed so many occasions prior to now, Homer brings Fred utterly into his life, you’ll be able to see him within the smile on his face. And as soon as once more, Homer forsakes his household for the unusually charismatic stranger. Even when there’s a slow-roasted turkey breakfast ready at residence. Marge as soon as once more tries to clarify an idea of cool which is decidedly uncool. Though Lisa agrees, with every part however this.

Beneath his merciless and narcissistic exterior, Burns simply needs to be cherished. Beneath that, he has a want to be feared. However even additional down, he solely needs extra of what he has, which is why he all the time reverts to his true being. Burns is the perennial lord of trade, and irrespective of what number of facilities he might convey to the worker lounge, lounging is for quitters. And “quitters” is Burns’ and Smithers’ code phrase for staff who gave their lives for the corporate. Sure, that they had a variety of alleged enjoyable, the pair admit in a very efficient workplace bit.

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There’s a sure sweetness and luxury in Smithers turning to Homer to set issues proper on the earth of nuclear energy. It affords Homer a form of dignity which the opposite malcontents and Lennys don’t get. This after all is taken away by Burns moments later when he presents monkey-man Homer a banana. We get a glimpse into the depth of Homer’s soul when he asks why he’s all the time being in comparison with a gorilla. It results in one of the best little bit of the episode, the historical past of the employee, epically informed by Homer.

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The transformation from “Take your Youngsters to Work Day” into “Put Your Youngsters to Work Day” is a humorous and scary transition: the descending horse journey to the pits, the upkeep mines, the deflating bouncy fort, and particularly the Disneyfied music, “you’re employed for me otherwise you get the lash. You received’t get dental well being or money,” we hear, and realizes it’s a small world, in spite of everything. One other spotlight so brief you may miss is after Millhouse overhears Bart, who’s sitting proper subsequent to him, say he’s been attempting to eliminate the dud buddy for days, however doesn’t know the right way to inform him. Millhouse calls his mother, who’s having fun with the time away from her child whereas getting an excellent tan, to inform her the sleepover ended two nights in the past and he or she kicks her cellphone right into a pool. You’ll be able to see all of the hope drain from Millhouse’s face on the cellphone because it sinks into the shallow deep.

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