The identity of the skier is known, all rescuers will be nominated for medals for sacrifice

Police officers from Carniola announced that they will propose police medals for sacrifice for those involved in the rescue of a child who almost fell from the chair in Krvavec. “They saved the life of another, and we sincerely congratulate them,” police said. After searching, police officers only discovered the identity of the tenth person involved in the rescue.

“They saved the life of another, and we sincerely congratulate them,” police said . PHOTO: PU Kranj

“Police officers today continued their inquiries about the persons who helped the child on Krvavec yesterday before the inevitable fall from the chairlift. It is clear from the data collected that ten people were involved in the rescue,” was reported by Kranj Police Department spokesman Bojan Kos The child moved too much to the edge of the seat while riding on the chairlift and slid under the chairlift. Of the ten involved in the rescue, three were on the chair lift and seven were below. “It was every individual at the time that it was crucial that no tragedy occurred. Therefore, in accordance with the Police Recognition Rules, the Kranj Police Directorate will propose for them the award of a police medal. for donation, and RTC Krvavec will give everyone involved a one-day free ski and lunch at Krvavec Beach, “, they wrote.

The skier, who played one of the key roles in the rescue, is a Turkish citizen

A man who, along with an adult woman, captured and detained a child for a long time before falling into depth, called police today. This is a citizen of Slovenia who skied on Krvavec yesterday. Police have been trying to identify a young skier who was on the chairlift since the accident and played one of the key roles in the rescue. At the end of the day, it was reported that, on the call of someone she recognized, they realized that she was a Turkish national.

Under the chairlift, seven individuals were created by setting up a network, which is otherwise used to protect and separate the ski slopes, including workers on the slopes, random passers-by and a police officer.

“Ten people, therefore, who were very friendly in a very stressful situation and played the role of life in a group spirit. They saved the life of another, for which we sincerely congratulate them , “ they wrote.

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The whole rescue took minutes. The infant suffered minor injuries when falling from a great height.

“But it is a great sadness that we still do not know who the lady was who helped to hold the baby on the chair and played one of the key roles in solving it. Therefore, the call to contact us is still valid, “ the Kranj Police Department spokesman concluded.

'Today I am the luckiest man in the world'

Yesterday's drama on Krvavec was described on Facebook by Sandi Murovec , one of those who came to the rescue at crucial times.

“I'm definitely the happiest person today, but it could be quite the opposite!

An unfortunate set of circumstances triggered an imminent catastrophe. 12 – the year-old boy slipped between the seat guard and the seat and thus hanged at a height 10 of meters – just in front of the highest pillar. his classmates and a casual skier managed to hold him for a while, as I accidentally found myself nearby. It was immediately clear to me that they would not last long, so I grabbed a safety net designed to erect fences and rushed under them with Mark, “
wrote one of the heroes of the day.

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“Since the supervisors and a few passers-by joined us, we improvised – they made a mini trampoline. I also wanted to remove the cushion from the pillar to support it, but unfortunately too late. The boy had already grunted, but the net still did its job. We managed to hold off most of the blow, but still the boy hit the ground. Since he fell on his back from such a height, I do not even dare imagine what it would be like … We were told from the hospital that he had only been taken with a knee bend! Could anything be nicer? “ added Murovec.

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