The commendably restless Tadi Tada and his plush King Kong

Surprise from Velenje.

THEN THEN – King Kong

There is a long, really long rapper tour behind him, an adventure. Rappers usually cling to a particular expression type and then chew it to every possible limit. Album King Kong turns this theorem into shards. Now Tadi Tada , once Restlessness , is the first album Fight for existence introduced eight years ago. That item was a rather juicy rapper flash, but more so because of the rush and energy, less because of poetic supremacy or general wisdom. The riots, ops, the novelty of Tadi Tade, however, is a definite excellence in virtually every hiphop perspective. One of them is the verdict that even eighteen shots in a row are reported in a rather strange way, which is quite artistic logic. Imaginative manipulation. Right down to the single Ambition € , it seems like Tadi's story won't even have a particularly sharp narrative climax. With a Piece Will $$ – the ninth in a row – then the Velenje rapper Damir Tadić absolutely shine. Only then will the memory of the previously heard introductory intro or title unit really flicker. Wow. Tadi Tad is then very hot-tempered and, most of all, confidently handling all the disturbances from the surrounding area to the final edge, or to King Kong's last nail, and dealing with all the beneficiaries for criticism, not to mention everyone who has their ears wound. King Kong's album is full of fun facts and, what is especially encouraging, very brave style twists. Not bored, not for a second, no. One of the glitters is the skit or introduction to the song Influencer , which Tadi gave the title Influencesron . For a long time, no one like that made me laugh so much. Considering that the moment in question involves a kind of double narrative turn. Wonderfully thoughtful and smart. At first, with suspicion of a slight homophobia, the narrator turns out to be just that. Wonderful, Tadi Tad bravo. There are very few similar cases in Slovenian hiphop. Nntiloko , maybe Klemen Klemen , but someone else wouldn't have been able to do that. But by the end of the whole, there are quite a few pieces. Tadi Then later, yes, it still surprises. Even with some nice, almost soul-pop, partly denim hits, which include pieces Classics and Pain on izi . As well as performing them, I can also commend the guest vocalists Eevo and Masayah .

King Kong is an incredibly saturated hiphop set. Being technically great. Really persuasive, a little eminemically virtuous, but still not particularly aggressive or meth. Creative is something.

It was worth the wait for Nemir's return. From now on, the first kingdom of Tong is Tadga.

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