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The Boys Season 2: What Is The Church of the Collective?

The Boys season 2 introduces the yang to U.S. corporatocracy’s yin with The Church of the Collective, a none-so-subtle parody of the Church of Scientology. The Deep (Chace Crawford) has been pulled slowly in by the tentacled embrace of the church to the purpose the place we discover him, within the penultimate episode of the second season, brainwashed into following its codes, with out actually understanding its goal, goals or attain. We, the viewers, are equally at midnight, although the parallels to The Church of the Collective’s real-world counterpart, plus the narrative hints we’ve already been given, may help us think about what this mysterious cult may need in retailer for the supes, ‘the boys’, and the world at giant.

Cultish Context  – Scientology

The Church of Scientology was based in 1953 by the pulp sci-fi author and former Naval Officer L. Ron Hubbard. All through the early 1950s Hubbard popularized a department of pseudoscience known as Dianetics, which slowly developed into the core tenets of his new faith, coincidentally not lengthy after the therapeutic functions of Dianetics had been uniformly rubbished by lecturers and psychologists. This turned one thing of a pattern with Hubbard. Don’t like my contribution to the sector of contemporary psychology? Fantastic. I’ll use it to begin my very own faith. Don’t need me within the Navy? Fantastic. I’ll begin my very own navy (which he basically did with Scientology’s naval-based fraternal order “Sea Org”). 

Scientology will get its hooks into potential church members – normally the needy, the narcissistic, the unfulfilled, or the broken – by promising them enlightethemodernhealthcarent by auditing. This course of – half talk-therapy, half non secular confession, half future blackmail – works by breaking down and analyzing a topic’s life (and previous lives) as a way to purge them of these traumatic, or unhelpful, reminiscences (engrams) that could be negatively influencing their habits within the current. Whereas Scientology wants a big rank and file to maintain itself it’s additionally shrewd sufficient to focus on celebrities – it has a complete division devoted to their pursuit – whose presence within the church ensures cash, media consideration, and free, recruitment-based advertising. Scientology is aware of that it’s celebs and income, not saints and prophets, who will rally crowds of the spiritually empty to their doorways.     

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The Church of the Collective makes use of comparable methods, each of which converge on The Deep initially of the second season, being that he’s each a star, and a broken vessel. Issues have by no means appeared worse for the disgraced submariner: forged except for The Seven; remoted; reviled; drunk; stuffed with doubt and recrimination. He’s additionally the #metoo poster boy. 

Merely put: he’s straightforward prey. 

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