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The 100 Series Finale Brought Back a Major Character

The next accommodates MAJOR spoilers for the The 100 collection finale.

There are a number of stunning moments throughout The 100 Season 7 finale, from Emori’s dying to Octavia’s last-minute pep discuss that stops humanity from killing itself, to the judgment that Clarke Griffin is be doomed to spend the remainder of her days alone as a result of she killed the monster who rendered her daughter unable to maneuver or converse. (Eye-roll without end.)

Nonetheless, the ultimate hour’s most surprising revelation needs to be the long-awaited return of fan favourite Alycia Debnam-Carey as Lexa. Properly, kind of.

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Earlier than you get your hopes up, fandom, the true Lexa kom Trikru died in the Season 3 episode “Thirteen” and remains to be most sincerely useless as of the collection finale. Whereas Debnam-Carey does certainly return to on our screens in full commander garb and conflict paint, the girl on this episode isn’t really Lexa in any respect. (And, to be sincere, bears little or no resemblance to her within the ways in which depend, in case you ask me.)

As an alternative this false Lexa is merely a type chosen by the chief of the unidentified, vaguely celestial beings charged with figuring out whether or not humanity – and all different species, apparently – has finished sufficient to advantage the following “evolutionary leap,” no matter which means. Turning into glowy stick individuals, it seems like, earlier than becoming a member of consciousness with… one thing within the nice past. The foundations of transcendence are sort of a large number.

The main points of all of it are greater than a little bit fuzzy, however it typically appears to be a web good for the species in query, and if it isn’t heaven, precisely, it’s definitely not hell. There are guidelines, nevertheless— solely those that are nonetheless alive for the time being of transformation are allowed to transcend (Sorry, Bellamy. Sucks that you just had been proper all alongside, I suppose!) And the type of the celestial “decide” is each essential and particular to the one who’s taking the check on behalf of their species or individuals.

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For Invoice Cadogan, the decide seems within the type of his daughter Callie. For Raven, it’s Abby Griffin. And, for Clarke, it takes the type of Lexa. Due to course it does.

“We most frequently take the type of the topic’s best instructor or the supply of their best failure…or will be their best love,” the being who seems as Callie tells Cadogan.

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For Clarke, Lexa just about encompasses all of these issues. And as such, her reappearance here’s a lovely nod to the essential function she did – and nonetheless does – play in Clarke’s life. The chemistry between the pair nonetheless crackles, and there’s a sure catharsis in seeing Debnam-Carey and Eliza Taylor share the display with one another yet one more time earlier than the ultimate credit roll.

But, the second additionally rings terribly hole. As a result of this isn’t Lexa, and forcing a god-judge to put on her face in The 100’s remaining moments definitely doesn’t make up for the horrific method the present selected to kill her character off within the first place. It’s not closure, not likely in any respect, and definitely not in any method that counts. Her shock return looks like nothing a lot as baiting the fandom with the one factor they’ve requested for repeatedly over the previous 4 years – solely giving it to them in exactly the worst method potential.

Sure, The 100 followers lastly get to see Lexa – and Clexa – collectively once more. However this Lexa is a darkish pseudo-villain that’s prepared to hold the literal finish of humanity round Clarke’s neck, as only one extra burden for her to hold. She’s eliminated and alien and lacking a lot of the important thing heat that made Lexa who she was – that is the thought of a personality greater than something like an actuality, and whereas that Clexa hug felt nice to look at, it is usually an phantasm. It’s the scraps of a girl and a relationship that was – and this character deserves higher than that. (And so do all her followers.)

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Although, maybe this actually is the ending we deserve on this hell yr. Clarke has been such a cipher and general nonentity this season that this reunion actually solely even works in any respect as a result of the Clexa relationship has literal years’ price of nostalgia and historical past to attract on. That’s not giving the followers closure in any possible way – that’s counting on them to do the work for you, and to attract connections and make which means the place none has been supplied. And that actually sort of sucks.

However, actually, extra energy to those that discovered a point of happiness in Lexa’s pseudo-return. With a lot of this collection finale left to viewer interpretation—Is the ending a contented one? Is it a very good factor that almost all of humanity selected to opt-out of the work of really dwelling in an actual corporeal method? What does transcendence imply? Who’re these beings anyway?—there’s a sure choose-your-own-adventure really feel to proceedings that go away followers free to resolve for themselves what they wish to take away from this story. And in that method, maybe Lexa kom Triku actually does stay once more, in any case.

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