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Tenet’s ‘Inversion’ Logic Explained

The central conceit of Tenet is the idea of “Inversion”. Clearly with this being a significant plot level we are able to’t go any additional into explaining what “Inversion” is with out warning you that this might be a spoiler for the movie.

Main spoilers for Tenet to observe

It’s time journey, all proper? “Inversion” is what Chris Nolan calls time journey.

Besides it’s truly not fairly that, and the twists on how time journey is used on this movie make for a really Chris Nolan expertise.

Most time travel in movies depends on one in all two mechanisms. The primary is a few model of Albert Einstein’s theories, both time dilation attributable to transferring at excessive speeds or taking part in with the sting instances invited by the “rubber sheet” mannequin of spacetime described in Einstein’s theories. Wormholes, principally.

The opposite mechanism is in fact, magic.

Tenet, nonetheless, is predicated on the concept of reversing entropy.


So somewhat than delving deeply into the Particular Idea of Relativity, we’re primary thermodynamics. Now first, awkwardly, entropy isn’t a course of, so you possibly can’t reverse it.

Entropy will be described as a measurement of how a lot info is required to explain a system. So as an illustration in a block of ice the atoms will kind comparatively common and predictable formations. In a puddle of water, these atoms might be in all places. On the similar time, the atoms within the block of ice are largely nonetheless. The atoms within the puddle are transferring on a regular basis in several instructions and at totally different speeds. You want much more info to explain the atoms within the puddle than you do within the block of ice, so the puddle has extra entropy.

The second legislation of thermodynamics states that the entropy of a system will at all times enhance.

This doesn’t imply it’s bodily unimaginable to freeze issues, clearly. You possibly can freeze water, however a freezer generates warmth, which radiates outwards in methods that may require but extra info to explain – whereas entropy would possibly seem like reducing inside your fridge freezer, the general degree of entropy within the universe has nonetheless gone up.

On a small scale, for this reason your perpetual movement machine won’t ever work – it’ll at all times be giving out not less than some waste warmth. On a big scale, that is the method by which the universe went from being a ball of vitality occupying an infinitely small quantity of area, to that vitality being uniformly unfold out throughout a chilly and unfeeling void a while in our future.

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Mainly, entropy is the pessimist’s finest pal. Every part decays. Every part will get worse. Every part falls aside.

So right here’s the factor – as a result of the second legislation of thermodynamics states that the quantity of entropy can solely enhance, all through historical past many scientists and philosophers have used the rise of entropy as a helpful by-word for the arrow of time – the concept all the pieces strikes from the previous, to the longer term.

Tenet posits a course of for “inverting” entropy in objects, which in scientific phrases would imply that the quantity of data wanted to explain a system could be diminished. Reasonably than changing into extra disordered and chaotic, vitality would, from a forward-moving particular person’s perspective, spontaneously come to collectively and create order.

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When you do the primary break in a recreation of pool, the balls will scatter throughout desk. When you use an inverted pool desk, the balls all rush from across the desk to kind a triangle within the center, which fires the white ball at your pool cue.

That is, in fact, utterly unimaginable comedian e book science with completely no bearing on something in actual physics, but it surely has some enjoyable implications.

In Tenet, this provides you units like a gun that may suck bullets out of the partitions, and constructing on that it additionally offers us time journey, however at what we’d name a strolling tempo.

Pedestrian Time Journey

Once more, with typical time journey films the time machine is a car or a magic button, and once you activate it there’ll some flashing lights or an enormous swirly area tunnel after which it will likely be 1356, or final November or the Area 12 months 3000.

With Tenet’s inversion that is unimaginable. If you wish to journey backwards in time to final week, you’ve obtained to step into the inversion turnstile, then spend every week dwelling in Backwards World, then go into the turnstile once more to begin transferring ahead every week in the past.

If you wish to kill Hitler earlier than World Warfare II breaks out, you’re going to must dwell backwards for 81 years, so ensure you eat loads of greens and get plenty of train on the journey.

If you wish to stop the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, effectively, possibly your nice, nice, nice grandchildren will be capable to pull it off.

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It is a uncommon method to time journey. The one different time journey movie I can consider that makes use of an identical method is the good, truly finest time journey film ever made, Primer, and even there the time travellers spend their backwards-travelling-time dwelling in a cargo container.

Primer can be a tough to movie to maintain monitor of, with its many divergent timelines. Given our history with such things you would possibly anticipate us to begin going into element concerning the totally different timelines in Tenet as effectively. Aside from one small factor.

About that “Killing Hitler” plan you had…

There’s Solely One Timeline

Sure, in Tenet there isn’t any altering historical past. Actually, this shouldn’t come as a shock. Chris Nolan is thought for creating extremely tightly plotted clockwork masterpieces of movies, which you’ll’t actually do if everybody retains messing up the timeline higgledy-piggledy.

The identify of the movie, Tenet, is a palindrome, tying into the symmetry of the movie’s plot, the way in which that the inverted actions seen through the starting of the movie are mirrored within the movie’s finish.

Tales which have used this mannequin earlier than embrace the e book, film, and shortly the TV collection of The Time Traveller’s Spouse, the Spanish 2007 movie Timecrimes, and the forgotten and underrated Michael French car, The Crime Traveller.

However with Nolan’s “Inversion”, the “What occurs stays occurred” model of time journey logic is crucial for the movie to work. The belief underlying the movie is that the sequence of occasions it reveals us make logical sense forwards and backwards. When the Protagonist waves his hand over an inverted bullet, summoning it into his hand, it makes as a lot sense because the Protagonist dropping the bullet when the footage is performed in reverse.

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When you permit for branching timelines whereas individuals are transferring ahead and backwards in time, the timeline branches in each instructions and you find yourself with alternate pasts in addition to futures, which sounds tremendous cool, however would most likely result in a way more complicated film.

So whereas Tenet is a movie that calls for your focus and doable a number of viewings, it’s nonetheless a movie that may be plotted out on a single timeline, somewhat than an intensive tree diagram.

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