Stuhch's After the Garmisch Ski: The best outcome of the season means a lot to me

Garmisch-Partenkirchen hosted the women's ski World Cup. German Viktoria Rebensburg won, the only Slovenian skier in the competition Ilka Štuhec achieved the best result of the season, Maribor won sixth place.

On the famous Kandahar line the best skis in the world measured for the World Cup points, this was the sixth ski test of the season. There was the start of the match in Garmisch) ) skiers, including the only Slovenian competitor Ilka Štuhec . The Maribor woman has not been most pleased with the results so far, her (up to this match) best result of the season is seventh in Altenmarkt, but she finished fourth in Friday's (only) training session in southern Bavaria. Corinne Suter, Switzerland's fastest, was half a second behind.

Štuhč, the current skiing world champion, had her starting number 11 and took fourth place (+1 on arrival). 52), a good half second for the third-placed Suter, then slipped two places and finished sixth. The winner was Viktoria Rebensburg , followed by Italian Federica Brignone (+0. 61) and the third is Czech Esther Ledeck (+0. 83).

Ilka Stuhec PHOTO: AP

That's right 29 – The annual Maribor woman can look forward to the best of this year's outcome and new ones 40 World Cup Points . “Today I am satisfied. My ride was completely correct, maybe I was just a little too restrained in some parts. Also because I didn't want to repeat the mistake from Sochi. Finally, with the result, I again confirmed that we are working well with the team. It will certainly have a positive effect on my confidence, a nice result gives me a new impetus for tomorrow's super giant slalom and the continuation of the season, ˝ was satisfied by Štuhč after the game.

In the overall ski total, today's winner went up from 12th to fifth place (211 points) . The order at the top remains unchanged. Suter (317 points) ahead of the absent American Mikaela Shiffrin ( ) and Ledecko (253). Ilka Stuhec has points 125 in points (

. the city is shared with Switzerland by Joanna Hählen). Due to the recent death of her father, Miss World Cup skipper Mikaela Shiffrin missed the match.

Ilka Stuhec PHOTO: AP


1 Viktoria Rebensburg (Nem) 1: 29, 94
2. Federica Brignone (Ita) 1: , 55 +0, 61

3. Esther Ledecka (Czech) 1: 94 , 77 +0, 83

4. Sofia Goggia (Ita) 1: , 89 +0, 95
5. Corinne Suter (Swi) 1: , 92 +0, 98

6. Ilka Stuhec (Slo) 1: 43, 46 +1, 52

7. Joana Hählen (Swe) 1: , 57 +1, 63
8. Petra Vlkhova (Slk) 1: 43, 68 +1, 74

9. Francesca Marsaglia (It a) 1: 43 , 71 +1, 77

10. Elisabeth Reisinger (Avt) 1: 41, 74 +1, 80

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