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Star Trek: Lower Decks Timeline Explained

That stated, as a result of every part is about to alter in 5 years, Decrease Decks might subtly gesture at what’s coming.

Synth Labor

By 2285, synthetical android labor was frequent sufficient within the Federation, that a number of Synth models had been used on the Utopia Plantia Shipyards on Mars to assist assemble new ships for Picard’s “Rescue Armada” of the Romulans. That stated, the existence of Synth Labor wasn’t one thing we’d seen in Trek canon up till these flashbacks, that means, it needed to begin someplace. As a result of Decrease Decks is about solely 5 years previous to the massive Mars revolt, it feels affordable that we might see a few of these Synths onboard the USS Cerritos.

Holographic Rights

Thus far, within the first two episodes of Decrease Decks, we have now not the USS Cerritos model of an Emergency Medical Hologram, or every other type of sentient holograms. In Voyager, the Physician was in a position to begin a motion for holograms to be acknowledged as sentient lifeforms, a lot in the identical means Information was protected in TNG as an android. However did it occur? We all know that in 2399 — through the time of Picard — that each one kinds of emergency holograms exist on starships. However, it needs to be famous that the assorted holograms utilized by Captain Rios on the La Sirena, are all non-Starfleet. The La Sirena is a business vessel, and it stands to purpose its pre-programmed hologram bundle is business, too. So, the query stays, did Starfleet cease utilizing sentient holograms after 2378, or what?

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What’s up with the Borg?

The ending of the collection finale of SmorgasBorg might have led many people to consider that Captain Janeway had totally defeated the Borg Collective for the final time in 2378. However, in 2380, within the second episode of Decrease Decks, we all know the Borg are nonetheless feared sufficient that no less than one Holodeck simulation (referred to as “SmorgasBorg”) exists to show Starfleet officers about failure. And, the backstory of Star Trek: Picard tells us that the “Artifact,” a Borg Dice that was severed from the Collective someday within the 2380s whereas in Romulan Area. The truth that a Borg Dice was working in Romulans Area (the Beta Quandrant) is likely to be related for Decrease Decks, and future Trek canon going ahead. By 2399, in Picard, you 100 % get the sense that the Collective remains to be very a lot a menace, however that the Artifact simply occurred to be disconnected from it. Did the Borg surrender on the Alpha Quadrant? Are the targeted within the Beta Quadrant through the time of Decrease Decks? A future episode — hypothetically — might inform us.

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Humanoid Augmentation 

Of all of the sly canon modifications Decrease Decks has slipped in, the one which appears essentially the most refined is the best way wherein everybody on the ship accepts the truth that Rutherford lately has had cybernetic augmentation. Apart from Airiam in Star Trek: Discovery, prepared cyborgs in Trek are pretty uncommon, and nearly unprecedented in Starfleet. If something, Rutherford’s augmentation appears to be a detailed cousin of the type of genetic or synthetic enhancement that the Federation usually frowned-upon. Seemingly, Airiam was an exception as a result of her life was saved by her Cybernetic augmentation, however what about Rutherford? Is this type of cybernetic enhancement frequent within the Federation, and we’ve simply not seen a lot of it? Or did some cyber legal guidelines really change? 

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