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Star Trek: Lower Decks Episode 9 Easter Eggs & References

That is the ‘80s!

Mariner complains about how she doesn’t want remedy as a result of “that is the eighties!” She’s proper! Decrease Decks takes place in 2380 and relying on how a lot time has handed in Season 1, we is likely to be in 2381. This additionally looks like a reference to the truth that though we consider TNG as a ‘90s present, it debuted in 1987. 

Mariner’s therapist is Paul F. Tompkins

The bird-like therapist (possibly an Aurelian?) is performed by Paul F. Tompkins. In our universe, Tompkins is the co-host of the present official Star Trek Podcast; The Pod Directive, together with Tawny Newsome, the voice of Becket Mariner. 

Da Vinci on the Holodeck

When Mariner enters the holodeck, Tendi, Boimler, and Rutherford are all taking pictures skeet with Leonardo da Vinci. This references da Vinci’s appearances as a holodeck character on Star Trek: Voyager, as performed by Jonathan Rhys-Davies. Nonetheless, that is additionally, probably a reference to an unused script thought for a TNG function movie that was by no means made. As a result of this complete episode is about movie-versions of Trek, it appears potential that this can be a slight nod to a script known as Star Trek: Renaissance, which was developed shortly earlier than First Contact turned the second TNG movie. In that unfilmed script, Knowledge would have traveled again in time and develop into da Vinci’s apprentice. Actually!

Boimler’s simulated crew

Boimler creating a whole holographic model of the Cerritos crew has a number of precedents, however probably the most on-the-nose episode being reference might be the Voyager episode “Worst Case Situation.” In that one, Tuvok created a holonovel that simulated a scenario wherein the Maquis tried to retake the USS Voyager. The simulation even meant that Tom Paris encountered his holographic self at one level, which is precisely what occurs with Mariner later within the episode. 

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Opening credit

The opening credit to Mariner’s “film,” are principally paying homage to the opening credit to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, though the warping streaks behind the letters recall a short title model utilized by The Subsequent Technology throughout the season 5. The way in which the letters are flying previous the Decrease Deckers would possibly reference the opening credit to the unique Christopher Reeve-starring Superman movie from 1978.

“You had been type of a Xon, to be trustworthy”

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