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Star Trek: Lower Decks Episode 3 Easter Eggs & References

Lastly, the “spores that make you hook up along with your greatest buddy’s sister,” most likely references the spores from the planet Omicron Ceti III within the TOS episode, “This Facet of Paradise.” In that episode, alien spores brought on Spock to fall in love and ditch his duties to Kirk and the Enterprise.

Roll down these sleeves 

When Ransom offers Mariner grief about her uniform, he mentions that her having her sleeves-rolled-up is towards regulation. The Starfleet crew member we most affiliate with rolling-up their sleeves is Miles O’Brien in Deep Area 9. (Who, apparently, is referenced on the very finish of this episode.)

Disengage the autopilot for no motive

Mariner is pissed off that Ransom flies the shuttle on handbook as a result of seemingly, the aim of the autopilot is simply by no means utilized in Star Trek. In Star Trek V: The Closing Frontier, Sulu reveals he’s by no means manually landed one of many shuttlecraft on the Enterprise-A. Although, he was most likely simply referring to the small-time window that they had. That mentioned, flying manually is usually a standing image in Trek that comes out of nowhere. Within the first episode of TNG, “Encounter at Farpoint,” Picard instructs Riker to re-dock the drive part and saucer part of the Enterprise, manually. Information and O’Brien, on the time, had been visibly confused. 

We dwell on an area ship, no one is dying from a spear wound! 

When a Bolian officer is hit by a crystal spear, Marnier says that “no one is dying from a spear wound.” This appears to reference the TOS episode “The Galileo Seven,” by which a stranded shuttlecraft mission resulted in sure, no less than one crewmember dying of a spear wound.

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Circled by spears

When the crystal spears flip towards Mariner, she says, “Circled by spears. This can be a traditional! What am I, Kirk? what is that this, the 2260s?” This references the shockingly excessive quantity of spears, swords, and different decidedly not futuristic weaponry Kirk confronted throughout TOS. In reality, within the aforementioned “A Personal Little Conflict,” Kirk tries to improve a local alien inhabitants’s spears to rifles, in an try and battle the Klingons. In “The Gamesters of Triskelion,” Kirk dodges a spear. In “The Savage Curtain,” Kirk fights alongside Abraham Lincoln and Surak, and Lincoln is finally killed with a spear. In each “Bread and Circuses,” and “Day of the Dove,” Kirk fights with a sword.

What number of decks?

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