'Shame on everyone who puts capital above people's and nature's lives'

'' The Middle Soča Valley is literally dying. It is literally vital for asbestos patients to breathe air, “a call for a healthy living environment in the wake of Salonita Anhovo co-incineration plans was written in the Today Initiative. , who advise their members not to attend the event, as it involves the exploitation of the sick for 'some other interests'.

A rally at which the residents of the municipality advocated a healthy living environment The rally was held before the afternoon session of the Municipal Council of Kanal ob Soci on the topic of Salonita Anhovo. tried to find out how the incineration of waste at Anonovo Salonite would have an impact on environmental pollution. The doctors have repeatedly emphasized that the measured values ​​of individual pollutants may be below the limit values, and the problem is a mixture of all together can be very dangerous.

Salonit Anhovo PHOTO: Aljosha Kravanja

Anon's Salonite last year at An application was submitted by the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for increasing the amount of co-incineration waste. The company plans to increase the annual amount of non-hazardous waste as secondary energy from current 108. 960 tons per year at 135. 000 tons per year.

This upset the inhabitants of an area already heavily laden with old cement burdens. Doctors also responded by contributing almost 600 signatures to a petition calling for protection of the environment in the municipality of Kanal ob Soci from additional pollution. They highlighted the danger posed by the combination of past and present pollution from Salonit Anhovo. The signatures were handed over to Minister of the Environment and Spatial Planning Simon Zajc last week.

' I am afraid that with increased smoking, our patients' risk will increase'

The call by doctors and dentists from the wider Gorizia region, also endorsed by the Assembly of the Medical Chamber of Slovenia, expresses concern about the possible extent of co-incineration of waste in Salonit Anhovo .

“Doctors must act not only legally but also ethically,” emphasized the general practitioner in Deskla and first signed under the call Nevenka Mlinar . “Doctors across Slovenia are aware of the potential dangers that our patients will face in the event of high levels of co-incineration pollutants,” she added.

On a daily basis, she encounters people who have asbestos fibers in their bodies and are now threatened by co-incinerators. “ There are more than

in the municipality people who have been recognized by the country as having asbestos occupational disease – because of prolonged exposure to asbestos fibers, even when experts already knew how harmful it was, “ she pointed out. She said that she had patients at the Desk outpatient clinic 1676, the latter of whom 20 years get sick with different types of cancers.

There was also a possibility for participants to take buses. The organizers called for the meeting to be peaceful and respectful.

Co-incineration of waste at Ankh already “does not benefit our patient”. “Professionally, lung patients should live in a clean environment, which is not the case. I am afraid that with increased smoking, our patients' risk will increase la , “ the doctor emphasized. In doing so, she advocated the harmonization of the limit values ​​for the permissible emissions in incineration and co-incineration plants.

Head of the Clinical Institute for Occupational, Transport and Sports Medicine at the University Medical Center Ljubljana The Dodik Fikfak method emphasized that in the Central Soča Valley the old burden is not only asbestos but also carcinogenic chromium six. “If you go to a polluted place with a potentially polluted industry – and with co-incineration, we talk about it, as it goes down into the air and crashes into the earth and food heavy metals, organic solvents and the like – the combination of past and present pollution is the least worrying, but we don't know exactly what kind, “ she said.

The Society of Asbestos Victims advises members not to attend the meeting: 'This is the exploitation of the sick'

However, some of the locals were upset by a letter from the Association of Asbestos Victims urging members of the Society not to attend the meeting. In doing so, they stressed that Salonit Anhovo was the only one to pay its share of compensation to patients suffering from asbestos. As explained by the President of the Society Hasib Brdar , this would be to exploit the sick asbestos for 'other uses' .

Last year Salonit Anhovo submitted an application to the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for an increase in the amount of waste in co-incineration PHOTO: Aljoša Kravanja

As he explained, ' 'the sick get compensation, which elsewhere in Slovenia, and Salonit Anhovo is also investing heavily in technology, being aware of its past mistakes' . He stresses that the events in the cement industry must be strictly controlled, since the story with the sick should, of course, never be repeated. He adds that the call was given mainly to patients themselves, as participating in such an event can be tiring because of illness. He added that everyone decides to use his own conscience, but to use a sick person for such protest, for some other interests, he finds unacceptable. However, he welcomes the efforts of the profession controlling the situation in the valley.

Initiative Today announced that '' is the purpose of today to support the call of the medical profession and to alert decision makers to the problems of the effects of pollution on the health of people living in already burdened and degraded environments. We see nothing controversial in this. Increasing production or the proportion of co-incineration would also increase the amount of discharges, which we consider controversial, since no evidence was presented to the residents about the long-term harmlessness of these discharges.

'Middle Soča Valley literally dies'

As they wrote on the Civic Initiative website Today , where they called for a meeting, the story of asbestos in the Central Soča Valley is not over. “The Middle Soča Valley is literally dying. For asbestosis patients, it is literally vital what kind of air they breathe,” have been warned.

“When experts publicly express their views on the incineration of the incineration of waste, no one can claim that they do not know it. Let's not repeat the story for a few more generations, “ “all, especially those who are in any way connected with these places” Meeting under the slogan We are not information to show unity and determination.

“The Middle Soča Valley is literally dying. For patients with asbestosis, it's literally vital the air is breathing. “ PHOTO: Aljosha Kravanja

V They also stressed that they wanted a future for their children that would not be a burden disease and premature death. “ Shame on everyone who puts capital above people's and nature's lives,” they added.

'' The meeting is a unique opportunity to gather together with we clearly support the call of the doctors, so we stand up for ourselves. ''

They invited their members and others to the said meeting. also in the Eko Anhovo Society and the Soča Valley. “Let's prove that we don't care what environment we live in, where our children and grandchildren grow up. Health is the greatest value that should never be be endangered! “ have been quoted on Facebook's social network.

As said by an initiative spokeswoman Matthew Sattler , their society is not a meeting organizer, but they welcome it. “ We have decided to join this gathering and thus support the call of the doctors who have so firmly stood on our side to the decision makers. We will also express our disagreement with local politics, which does not want to decide on this serious problem in the Soča River valley, “ she said.

with the Mayor of the Canal on the Soča River Tina Gerbec holding a session of the Municipal Council closed to the public, not expected, blamed for her ignorant attitude. Also, according to Sattler, no major breakthroughs are expected from the board meeting : “We are afraid that there will be only one more pingpong between Anon's Salonite and municipality, and we know these dialogues from the past. “

“We will act calmly and tolerantly, as our goal is to unite people in the fight for good, for a clean environment, for the future of our children and for the clean valley of the Soča River,” Sattler announced. However, their protest is also directed against “the attitude of the stepmother state, which even allows this madness with co-incineration”, and against “ the unbridled intentions of Salonite Anhova.”

Julian Fortunat, CEO, Salonit Anhovo, states otherwise: '' With the team at the cement plant we are responsible for our work and fully we respect the law. '' PHOTO: Aljosha Kravanja

Salonit Anhovo: We do our job responsibly

Salonit Anhovo expects a constructive discussion from a municipal session based on representative data and studies: '' We expect our healthcare professionals, environment and technology presented their conclusions – even compared to other places in Slovenia – and thus helped to a dialogue that enables further technological development and further reduction of environmental impacts, to which all employees of Salonit Anhovo are committed – for the benefit of all residents. ''

Julian Fortunat , CEO, Salonit Anhovo otherwise states: ' 'The team at the cement plant do our job responsibly and fully comply with the law. We want to deny even the slightest doubt about the impact that comes from the functioning of our society, so we start with an independent analysis of the environmental and health impacts of our development plans. '' They also stated that they would be open to dialogue with all stakeholders. They added: '' At Anon's Salonite we are in the last 20 years with systematic investments and upgrading of technological equipment have already significantly reduced the environmental impact. We want to continue this path consistently and continue to reduce our environmental impacts by introducing the best available technologies in the future. We are already monitoring our activities with extensive measurements and research carried out by renowned institutions such as the Chemical Institute, the Jozef Stefan Institute, the International Postgraduate School of the Jozef Stefan Institute, the Faculty of Civil Engineering, the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, NLZOH (National Laboratory for Health, Environment and Food) Maribor, NLZOH Nova Gorica, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana, Graz Technical University, CPG Lab S.r.l. Italy in cooperation with the Universities of Genoa, Milan and Turin. ''

Salonit Anhovo's calls for dialogue in the Eko Anhovo Society and the Soča Valley are otherwise seen as 'ridiculous' . “In the past, we have learned that these dialogues mean nothing or do not help. This knot must be crossed by the state,” Sattler emphasized. and reminded that the civil initiative expects the country to change its legislation to protect the health of the population and the environment.

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