Serbian television chef found in Slovenia: drug in jail in Maribor?

Dejan Markus, who became famous for his Serbian culinary show '' Cook with a Heart '', transferred his culinary interests to Croatia after his arrival in Croatia 2012. field of oenology, which earned him the nickname 'man wine'. He soon opened a winery in one of Zagreb's main streets and a grocery boutique. Initial successes quickly turned into a business dive, forcing him to declare bankruptcy.

The celebrity chef disappeared a few days ago. He was sought after by family, friends, loved ones, and every trace of him was lost in Zagreb on February 7.

Dejan (pictured right) is a respected Serbian culinary master PHOTO: Youtube

Sister 44 – an annual gastronomic specialist from Serbia is after a few sleepless nights, she learned that he was alive and also where he is now: '' Thank you all so much for your care, help, dedication and all the information. My brother is alive, but I have never seen or heard him. The Croatian police told me to look for him in Slovenia, I did not get more details. And now here, on Slovenian soil, I have visited some cities and police stations, but nobody wants to tell me anything. I don’t know if she would cry or scream. At least let someone tell me that he is here, that he is alive, that he is in custody, that I cannot go to him. But I don't even know if he is alive at all, '' said Jelena Markus.

Police information on the missing Markus reached her sister very quickly. The chef, who found his fortune in Zagreb eight years ago, also found himself on a side track, apparently dealing with dirty businesses that are unrelated to cooking.

On February 7, Dejan Markus crossed over Croatian border and entered Slovenia. He carried illicit substances in his car. According to Slovenian police, Markus was transporting amphetamine, namely three liters of drugs stored in bottles. According to the find, he was immediately arrested and transported to the police station, given that he is a foreign national as well as being detained. While his whole family and friends searched for him for 6 days, Markus was behind bars in a prison in Maribor.

An excerpt from a cooking show he participated in PHOTO: Youtube

Did he bring the drug to Slovenia from Croatia and intend to hand it over to some reseller or end-user, and whether he purchased it on the Slovenian site for the purpose, to improve its business result is unknown. It is unknown where the drug came from and whether he had any associates in the narcotics venture.

A sister who came to the media via missing media is shocked: '' Arrested for drugs? I can't believe he could have been so crazy. He doesn't even smoke. I can't believe I wouldn't even inform my family about the event. I do not know what to think, since life has disappeared completely since our disappearance. ''

He did not speak to friends and acquaintances for a long time, so it was concluded that he might have attended a wine-related event in Split. Being out of reach for a long time, it triggered rumors of a potential disappearance, as it was usually reachable night and day. Now, after long agonizing days, Dejan is found, and his inadmissible actions have left many speechless.

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