Renault's introduction to the F1 but without the RS20


Paris, 10. . 2020, 19: 22 | Updated 7 hours ago


The French team Renault F1 has unveiled high-flying plans for the coming season, but they have “forgotten” to bring a race car to bridge the difference between the top three teams and the rest of the Formula One caravan.

At power Renault F1 revealed that they did not introduce the racers along with racer, Australian Daniel Ricciard and French Esteban Okon “avoid something stacked” . RS Runner 20 He is not quite ready yet, but as the French team say, panic is completely unnecessary. “If anything, this year we are much more in line with our plans than last season,” said the team director Cyril Abiteboul .

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“Last season we invited media representatives to Enstone was a little too fast, which in the end, when we got in trouble, we were behind schedule, “ Abiteboul apologized for the special presentation, saying that no team can present a finished Formula One racing product at this time. RS 17 will thus be presented for the first time at the first set of tests in Barcelona during 15. and 21. February. The second part of the testing will be in Catalonia a week later. The French have said that they will try to bridge the difference between the top three teams (Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull) with the new race car or be at least the fourth best team in the construction team. Last year they were disappointed with the turn of the season. “2020 is a crucial year. This is the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one, and we really want to be here and fulfill our goals, “ said Abiteboul.

They will start this season with proven strength in Australia's Daniel Ricciard, who has claimed seven victories in Formula One. The 30-year-old will be joined this season by Mercedes racing driver Esteban Ocon, who is the most elite racing sport of the year 2015 and 2018 represented the colors of the then Force Indie. The Formula One season will kick off with Australia's grand prize. The race will be scheduled 15. March.

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