Obama in Chicago greets Obama and jokes: Don't listen to Kidd

On his arrival at the United Center's Chicago Hall, where all-star events began, Luka Doncic was surrounded by media from all over the world. The Dallas Mavericks' star is already in for a tryout at the Rising Stars game on Friday night, where he will be the trump card of a team of the world that will hit American peers.

Doncic and James (both photo) will be joining forces in Chicago on Sunday's central event, a match between James and Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpa. PHOTO: AP

The United Center Hall was almost too small for anyone who wanted to talk to the Slovenian ace before the All-Star event in Chicago last weekend Luka Doncic . Unlucky Nigerian Josh Okogie , who will be Doncic's playmate on Friday, was left almost completely alone , when the Slovenian national team took its place on the stage. In a long interview with the media, he also confirmed that he will compete for Slovenia in the Olympic qualifications for the Tokyo Olympics.

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“I'll definitely play,” said Doncic about the Kaunas tournament, who could not avoid questions about the late Kobe Bryant . Following the January death of the basketball legend, the Chicago star game will be completely commemorative of a longtime Los Angeles Lakers member, with whom Doncic exchanged a few words during his last visit to California and the Jezerniki game and took a photo with his daughter Gianno Bryant , who also lost her life in a helicopter crash.

Obama with a tip to Doncic: Don't listen to Jason Kidd

“Not only for me, he was an inspiration to everyone. His hard work, the way he played this game, the way he behaved off the field. It was something simply extraordinary. I think not only in basketball – it has inspired many people around the world. We will miss it, for sure, “ Doncic said in Chicago.

One of Chicago's most celebrated “sons” is next to Michael Jordan on , who spent the most memorable moments of his career in the windy city (Doncic also signed a contract with Jordan's company this season), also a former president of the United States Barack Obama . Obama Attends Friday's NBA Charity Event with Ljubljana and Reported by the Dallas Morning News

Slovenian star celebrated some tips alongside legendary Mavs member Jason Kidd .

Doncic and Obama at an NBA charity event in Chicago:

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“Don't listen to J-Kidd when it comes to throwing a bin,” allegedly told Doncic, who he said was “doing fantastic,” Obama said. Coming Soon 21 – Annual Doncic spoke days ago about how he looks forward to being able to finally be in Chicago also met the legendary “Air” Jordan.

'We can go a lot further, we shouldn't just limit ourselves to playing the playoffs'

Former member of Ljubljana Olympia and Madrid Real is also delighted to have been selected by his role model in the first five star team

LeBron James .

“If he's my favorite actor? Yes, it's amazing what he's doing. He's one of the best in the world and in history. What he does with 35 is flying … It is a beast, a different animal, “ according to the Madrid report logs AS collected Dončić told the media in Chicago.

“A lot of things are happening to me very quickly. Being here is dreamy, as a gift. Such things may only happen to you once in a lifetime, and it's very nice. I want to have a good time and enjoy myself. Now everyone sees that we can play outside the US as well. Basketball is a worldwide sport and everyone is playing at a higher level now, there are a lot of very good players, and everyone knows it now. But is it true that international basketball is much more team-based, it's harder to score points, fewer baskets are scored, it's much different … Dallas? We still have a lot of work to do, I always expect a little more, but there is still a lot left until the end of the season. We can go a lot further and we should not limit ourselves to playing the playoffs. We want the playoffs, but also to get as long as possible. For me it is still the hardest physical adjustment to a new competition, I have to work on it the most. What do I miss most about European basketball? Real Madrid … “

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