Murder of a nurse in Deux-Sèvres: the employees “devastated”, the suspect imprisoned

A patient in a psychiatric unit fatally stabbed a nurse in Thouars on Thursday. He was indicted for murder and imprisoned

The patient suspected of having fatally injured Thursday a nurse from the psychotherapy center of the Nord Deux-Sèvres hospital in Thouars, was indicted Friday evening for “assassination and attempted assassination” .

He was placed in pre-trial detention, said assistant prosecutor François Thévenot.

The young man from 20 year old is suspected of having stabbed Elodie, a 30 year old nurse, in the parking lot in front of the psychiatric unit of the hospital. Helicoptered to Poitiers University Hospital, this mother of two died a few hours later.

The alleged attacker, who had been hospitalized since 24 January – “At the start” of his own free will, said the prosecution -, grabbed a knife which was in the vehicle of a companion. He struck “very quickly” the nurse who was coming towards him. He also failed to hurt another nurse.

He was then arrested and taken into police custody after being seen by a psychiatrist, the newspaper La Nouvelle République said.

The Niort prosecutor's office relinquished Friday in favor of the criminal division of the Poitiers court.

“Upset” employees

Friday, a hundred of the nurse's colleagues met on the occasion of the arrival of Frank Bellivier, Ministerial Delegate for Mental Health and Psychiatry.

“The teams are devastated, this is not the time for big speeches but meditation”, said Frank Bellivier after more than two meeting hours.

He confirmed the establishment of “a crisis unit on various technical or support aspects” and announced the will to return, “neither too early nor too late” to a new visit.

Alain Fouquet, psychiatric nurse since 1983 and elected CGT, told the press that the employees were “upset” “A nurse was killed, it's a real tragedy, we would have preferred Minister Agnès Buzyn to travel.”

The Minister of Health tweeted her 'thoughts' to the family and their “support for their colleagues” Thursday evening, announcing the visit of Mr. Bellivier.

“We have been alerting for years about the lack of means, personnel, training: longer last! We have to stop the words and really give the hospital the means to function. Otherwise we just postpone the deadline for the next disaster, “added the shop steward.

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