'MMA is not a noble skill, it is a modern gladiator'


Ljubljana, 12. . 2020, 14: 11 | Updated before 02 urami

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Controversial Judgment in Jon Jones – Dominick Reyes's Mixed Martial Arts Beyond and Beyond discussions, not only about the injustice that happened to the challenger, but also about the reforms in scoring and the future of the sport. That's why we're in 21 . We decided to invite our expert commentator Bojan Kosednar '' The Turtle '' to another show, which has recently also recorded two consecutive wins in the cage.


21 RUND: 21. show, guest Bojan Kosednar

19 RUND: Why did the judges favor Jon Jones?

Bojan Kosednar was last year's win at CFC 5 against He interrupted a series of five consecutive defeats by Slavoljub Mitic to be on the right track he confirmed the path with a victory in January em WFC 21, who interrupted in the first round by Tonci Perusca .

Bojan and I were together his recent racing successes, discussing mostly controversial refereeing decisions at mma, as well as other martial arts and reasons for favoring more popular fighters. Of course, we didn't forget to measure the power of Bojan's punches as well as the imaginative celebrity tournament.

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