Mila affair: the teenager “absolutely does not regret” her critics of Islam

Mila, the 16 year-old woman from Israel who had criticized Islam before being threatened with death for it, spoke on the Daily program. Now out of school, the young woman explains that she “absolutely does not regret” his words.

Mila, the high school student from Isère 16 years old whose virulent criticism of Islam has earned her a flood of threats that prevent her today hui to be educated, assured Monday on TMC not “regret” his words, claiming his “right to blasphemy”.

“I apologize a little”

“I absolutely do not regret my words, it was really my thought”, said the young girl on the set of the Daily show. “I apologize a little bit for the people I could hurt, who practice their religion in peace, and I never wanted to target human beings, I wanted to blaspheme, I wanted to talk about a religion, say what I thought about it ”, she however specified.

Mila is our guest in #Quotidien for her one and only interview.

— Daily (@Qofficiel) February 3, 2020

Since publication on 18 January of her controversial video, which went viral on social networks, the schoolgirl had to be out of school and explains that today her life is “clearly on hold”. “National Education is doing its utmost to help me, find me a place where I will be safe but it is not easy,” she explained.

“False accounts “and” false kitty “

” She is in a very special situation which we condemn, so we help her with a certain discretion because the objective is to bring her back to school peacefully so that she has a normal life, “said Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer a little earlier to the press.

Mila said she regretted having said what she said” on social networks “, Not measuring” the extent that it may have taken “, as well as” the vulgarity “of the terms used. It also alerted Internet users to “false accounts” and “false kitty”, stating that no kitty had been opened for its benefit.

The Vienna public prosecutor's office, which had opened an investigation for “provoking hatred towards a group of people, because of their membership of a race or a determined religion”, classified it without continuation. Investigators, however, are continuing their investigations to find the perpetrators of the death threats made against the girl who filed the complaint. According to the schoolgirl, “the police take it very seriously.”

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