Merkur employees with a new collective agreement up to significantly higher basic salaries


Naklo, 12. 02. 2020, 13: 24 | Updated before 14 urami


Mercury has entered into a new collective agreement with both representative unions, under which the average basic salary for typical jobs in sales rose by 26 percent, and in logistics by 19 percent, the company said.

Higher basic salary will have 72 percent of all employees. PHOTO: Shutterstock

As they wrote in the company, they will have a higher basic salary 51 percent of all employees, but the percentage is even higher in sales and logistics 95 percent. Mercury otherwise employs more than 1400 workers. In addition to the collective agreement, the management of the company has signed a social agreement with the representative unions.

The new corporate collective agreement and social agreement provide us with a solid foundation for future business and stability of the company, as well as a starting point for further growth based on the professionalism and motivation of our employees , “General Manager Blaž Pesjak summarized in Mercury.

President of the Mercury Group Trade Union Mateja Tavcar was pleased that the constructive dialogue with management about the new salary model in the company, which had been held for several months at regular meetings, had resulted in the signing and signing of both documents.

We have agreed a new wage model, including higher a basic salary that was paid for the first time these days, which is crucial for employees. On average, salaries for employees will increase significantly, but it is also very important for us that the basic salaries of employees are not lower than the minimum wage, “added Tavchar.

President of the Free Trade Union Mercury Ales Gostisa pointed out that the management also agreed to a higher food allowance of five euros a day and set this year's recourse to 1050 EUR net Director of Personnel, Law and General Services at Mercury Sanda Golesh is convinced that the signing of both documents “is also a reflection of the efforts and commitment of all employees in the company” .

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