Luxury: 10,000 cars delivered in 2019, a historic record year for Ferrari

The prices and waiting times to obtain a Ferrari do not slow the privileged fans of the Italian brand who are always more likely to offer the latest models.

More than 10 000 cars delivered to the planet, a first in the history of Ferrari: the prestigious brand with prancing horse had a year 2019 record in terms of sales and intends to continue galloping in 2020.

The dashing Italian manufacturer (he blows his 72 candles this year) has established itself in the collective imagination as one of the emblematic brands of the sports car. Its racing cars are reserved for a few “happy few”, ready to spend 200 . 000 euros for a “classic” model to more than a million for limited series , but also willing to wait long months to have the precious steering wheel between their hands.

+ 20, 3% in one year in Asia

The group – whose first cars came out of the imagination of Enzo Ferrari – has sought in recent years to increase its production, while maintaining this notion of exclusivity so important to its customers . In 2010, he had sold for example only 6 573 vehicles. “The increase remains limited and does not change anything in terms of exclusivity. Above all, it testifies to the widening of the Ferrari market worldwide, to China and India for example, “explains Carlo Alberto Carnevale-Maffè, professor of strategy at Bocconi University in Milan. Last year, the group delivered exactly 10 131 cars, either 880 more than 2018 (+ 9.5%).

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The Europe / Middle East / Africa zone remains by far its main market, with 4 895 vehicles and an increase from 15, 8 %. Deliveries also jumped from 20, 3% in the China-Hong Kong-Taiwan region. Buoyed by these record sales, the manufacturer's annual turnover increased by 10, 1%, to 3, 76 Billions of Euro's. “We are starting 2020 with good momentum, an excellent portfolio which will be completed with two new models this year “And” an order book more important than ever, “said his boss, Louis Camilleri, during a conference call with analysts.

” Beyond the quality of its products, the Ferrari brand has an extremely important reputation, and which no longer depends only as in the past on its sporting results, but on its style and positioning. “

“The Ferraris went from solely super-sporting and super-powerful cars, to an enlarged range including grand touring with more comfort for a more daily use, ”explains the expert. All with “a very strong work of personalization, customer service and management of the Ferrari community, via clubs which keep the passion alive and give a very strong sense of belonging”.

Le titre de champion du monde constructeurs en F1 échappe toujours à Ferrari, deuxième derrière Mercedes.
The title of world constructor champion in F1 still escapes Ferrari, second behind Mercedes.

Photo credit: KIM HONG-JI AFP

Only big disappointment in 2019: Formula 1, where Ferrari has finished for the third consecutive year, vice-world champion behind Mercedes.

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