Katy Perry: Lionel Richie will not be invited to my wedding


Los Angeles, 11. . 2020, 21: 14 | Updated 3 hours ago


The singer, who is also a member of the American Idol jury, told why she would not invite the other two colleagues she co-stars with the show to marry Orlando Bloom. The wedding is postponed to this winter and will happen about a year after the wedding.

Katy and Orlando got engaged last Valentine's Day, however, they were forced to postpone the marriage twice because of their obligations. The happy event will really take place this time, as the singer hinted that the invitation list is already being made. But it's interesting who won't be invited to the wedding.

Katy and Orlando want a wedding this winter. PHOTO: Profimedia

The singer stated in a vicious manner that she would definitely not be at the wedding colleagues from the American Idol show, in whose company they evaluate and comment on appearances. Singer Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan , who have been sharing a star-studded table show with the star for the third season, were initially surprised by the decision, but it soon turned out that the singer

“I can't afford them! They are too expensive for me. Besides, they are still very busy while I am just getting married again.” ' Katy also messed with this on her own account, as she had already married once, but was dating the actor Russell Brand it didn't work out. They broke up after two years, years 744.

Katy her acorns she will not invite her antique colleagues to the wedding. PHOTO: Profimedia

Star, currently in the midst of preparing for a major event, I would not describe myself as a typical future bride. She says she's not awful, but very relaxed, even though she took the whole process of marriage very seriously.

Katy, Bryan and Lionel are together for the third season of the show. PHOTO: Profimedia

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