Johnson is reforming the government after Brexit, the finance minister resigned

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has embarked on a reform of the government after Brexit, most marked by the resignation of Finance Minister Sajid Javid. Johnson was among the first to dismiss the Minister for Northern Ireland, although he contributed to the recent renewal of the power-sharing agreement in this part of the country.

Despite contrary expectations Finance Minister Sajid Javid said goodbye to the changes in government today. According to the BBC, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has offered him the opportunity to remain in office if he dismisses all his advisers, which Javid refused.

Johnson appointed Javid, a former interior minister, as head of the Treasury Department when he assumed office last July. He is most likely to be succeeded by Rishi Sunak , the second finance ministry man to date. In any case, the presentation of the budget will take place within a month.

After a long period of political brewing in the country, Brexit, Johnson now wants to focus on internal issues. PHOTO: AP

Johnson is otherwise delivered surprise Julian Smith as Northern Ireland minister, as he was widely praised for his contribution to the renewal of the power-sharing agreement, which after three years of congestion, it led to the restoration of a semi-autonomous government and assembly in Northern Ireland. sectarian violence perpetrated by British soldiers.


Vl Thanks to Johnson's decisions today, Minister for Enterprise Andrea Leads is also leaving. State Attorney Geoffrey Cox also resigned, explaining that Johnson had called for it. Downing Street is expected to justify further changes later.

Johnson, who named most of his ministerial team when he assumed the premiership last July, has not made significant changes since the decisive victory of the Conservatives in the December elections. At the time, sources had predicted that a broader transformation was expected after the country's exit from the EU.

After a long period of political chaos in the country, Brexit wants to focus on internal issues, including financing police, health and infrastructure.

Some of the most well-known names in key positions are expected to preserve you. The position does not have to be feared, among other things, by Foreign Minister Dominic Raab and Minister of Interior Priti Patel . There should be more exchanges at the level of the Secretary of State, where, among other things, sexual balance is achieved.

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