Janša: As far as content is concerned, a majority coalition can be formed

SDS Party President Janez Janša today commented on the formation of a possible new coalition: '' Discussions continue on the content, especially on the financial impact . ''

As added by: '' Not all wishes can be fulfilled here, but the main priorities are similar for all potential partners. As far as content is concerned, a majority coalition can be formed that will normally resolve ongoing problems. ''

According to Janša, in talks to form a new coalition, it is proceeding as it would normally be when forming a coalition. The second round of discussions, ie content, is usually the most difficult and demanding. “Not necessarily the most turbulent, but the one who actually decides whether a majority coalition can be assembled,” stressed.

What is always a problem is financial effects, according to Janša. PHOTO: Aljosha Kravanja

According to him, all potential partners have given their priorities. The summation of priorities, according to his estimates, “ matters are bright and challenging” . “The proof of some maturity is that all parties, we see in this conversation some of the key priorities or problems that are currently in Slovenia are very similar, “ notes.

'There is no money for everything anyone wants,'

According to Janš, financial problems are always a problem. Currently, their financial committee is recalculating the financial impact of all that is proposed. At first glance, Janša estimates that for everything that anyone wants, there is no money and it will be necessary to focus on priorities and to work on making more money in the future, on the basis of which they will satisfy those proposals, which are certainly in It will not be possible to finance the next two years.

Janša further explained that so far, there have been three meetings of the presidents of all parties involved in the talks and of some associates. “In the meantime, there has been a lot of work from specialist teams on all sides. Coordination of content will take some time. Here are also some issues that we have not yet opened, we will see what closure opportunities will be offered in of the future, “ he said.

He also noted that ” all parties except SDS are in some internal dynamics, we don't get involved in. This also takes its time. If everything goes down in the end, then we can form a coalition, otherwise we can't. “

According to the parliamentary talks, he himself has no doubt that he would be given a mandate to form a new government in the parliament. “But we are not interested in this. We only care if it is a composition that will be able to solving problems and abstaining so long that we will not go to the polls every two years, “ he said, while reiterating that the SDS is also ready for elections. He also said that threats were made to the SDS party by early elections, as if he was 'threatening the hungry with white bread'.

The party will only participate in a government where coalition party presidents will also be part of it

He said that the party would participate in the cadre only in a government that will include all the coalition party presidents, rejecting speculation that NSi champion Matej Tonin may be the president of the parliament. “Feeling different is when you are on a boat, whether the weather is turbulent or sunny, or you are watching this boat from the harbor. We want everyone who will embark on this project if there is one, to contribute. to the best of your ability to make a project successful and complete. A minister cannot be everyone – apart from being an expert and getting to know certain things, he or she must also have some political weight. Coalition party presidents, of course, have it, “ he pointed out. At the same time, he estimated that at least 90 at least 90 of those who are able to serve as Speaker of the Parliament.

Regarding the possibility of the Prime Minister being someone else, Jansa said that ” ready to support anyone who received more votes in the election ” than him. Janša was elected with the highest number of 7020 votes in the parliamentary elections.

Asked if it was possible for SAB to be included in the talks, he said that everyone had been invited to the talks. , those who wanted to talk came. “If anyone joins in later, we never exclude anyone, but this is also a matter for the rest of us, we are not alone in this,” he stated.

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