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Is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in the Arkhamverse?

“It is a continuation of the Arkhamverse, so a variety of the threads and storylines you’re going to see come to fruition on this sport,” stated Rocksteady Studios’ Sefton Hill throughout a DC Fandome interview. Sadly, Hill didn’t increase on what, precisely, that imply’s for the sport’s plot and world.

Regardless of a scarcity of official specifics, that easy assertion not solely confirms that Suicide Squad is a continuation of the Arkhamverse (regardless of not being a direct continuation of the Arkham video games) however suggests just a few intriguing prospects.

The primary entails Batman himself. Whereas WB says that Batman is useless in Gotham Knights (despite our doubts on that subject), the prolonged ending of Arkham Knight means that Bruce Wayne should still be alive and using Scarecrow’s concern toxins to create an altered (and terrifying) model of himself. Not solely does that imply that Batman may seem within the Justice League that the Suicide Squad is attempting to kill, however that concept type of stylistically meshes with the lethal model of Superman we see in the Kill the Justice League trailer.

Further loose plot threads the sport may tackle embrace the demise of The Joker, Gordon’s reign as mayor of Gotham Metropolis, and a cameo or two from a number of the members of the Batman rogue gallery presumed to nonetheless be alive following the occasions of Arkham Knight.

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