Hurricane over Germany: 'This will be dangerous'


Berlin, . . 2020, 20: 02 | Updated 7 hours ago


Germany is preparing for a hurricane, which is expected to hit the country on Sunday, causing serious traffic problems. A strong gust of wind is expected until 120 miles per hour. “It will be dangerous,” said Andreas Friedrich of the German Meteorological Office.

Hurricane Sabine is expected to have a serious impact on road and rail transport, especially in the north and west of Germany. German Railways advised passengers not to travel between Sunday and Tuesday, expecting delays and cancellations.

Sabine will also bring with it heavy rain and storms. The weather is expected to calm down on Monday night or Tuesday. PHOTO: AP

The hurricane is forecast to come with Of the Atlantic Ocean and hit northwestern Germany with gusts of wind around (noon) around noon 120 miles per hour. It will slowly move south and reach Bavaria on the night of Monday. By Andreas Friedrich's will be the most dangerous time at the time, as a strong wind is expected due to meeting the winter front. In some places, especially in the mountains, wind gusts of up to could be measured miles per hour.

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