Golden Fox officially without Mikaela Shiffrin

Shiffrin's (in the photo) took a break after the sudden death of Father Jeff. PHOTO: AP

American Ski Star Mikaela Shiffrin after the sudden death of Father Jeff, who died on February 3 in 66. a year old, returned to Colorado and dropped all subsequent World Cup matches in Sochi and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The 24-year-old American, despite her absence, continues to be a leader in the World Cup totals and has 145 points of advantage over second-ranked Italian Federico Brignone . At the top of the slalom standings and in the “top 3” in skiing, super giant slalom and giant slalom.

At the end of this week Kranjska Gora will host 56 instead of Maribor. The golden fox. The Podkoren ski slope will host a giant slalom on Saturday and a slalom on Sunday.

Dragsic: The track on Vitranec will be well prepared

Competition Leader Mitja Dragšič , together with Secretary General of the Organizing Committee Srečko Villar announces that the route will be very well prepared.

“We are very good I am confident that she will be able to withstand all the competitors so that even those with higher numbers will have good conditions for appearances and any surprises, “ Dragsic predicted, and Vilar boldly stated that when the weekend in Kranjska Gora will be one of the best matches in the entire World Cup season. The day before the match, the temperatures were more spring than winter and the snow was only on the slopes.

Contestants from 21 countries

57 giants from 21 countries, the competition will be started by Norwegian Mina Fuerst Holtmann and the first strength group will conclude with a number 15 Carniola Meta Hrovat . Like 17. Tina Robnik , number will start from the beginning Ana Bucik , 40 Neja Dvornik , 53 Rebecca Cloud , 57 and Nika Tomsic

. The draw was done in Bled, where most of the teams live.

Hrovatova, Bucikova and Dvornikova will perform at both games, and Sunday's slalom will start with Maruša Ferk , Klara Livk and Nika Murovec . Coach of Slovenian National Team Janez Slivnik said that he was sorry for the Maribor organizers who had to move the match from the Styrian capital to Vitranc, and at the same time said that this migration was an advantage for his clients, since they trained a lot in Kranjska Gora, even in the days before the match.

Meta Hrovat: I see this year's performance in front of home viewers as a great privilege

Due to the weather, the organizers were forced to move from Styria to Gorenjska for the eighth time in history, where the Styrian-Gorenjska organizational connection last prepared the year 2018, and on the challenging sub-root slope, Shiffrin's class at the time was for itself. Ana Drev announced at a news conference Thursday that she had completed her sports career, and the Italian were injured Sofia Goggia and Germany Viktoria Rebensburg and French Tessa Worley , second at the Golden Fox Fox Giant Slalom.

“This year will be different for me than it was two years ago, at that time it was a burden for me to see home theater. This year I see it as a great privilege to be able to compete so close to home, almost in my home court,” said 21 – an annual hostess

The latter urge the organizers to go enough on their way. early. Among other things, the main road between Hrušica and Mojstrana in Dovje is part of a half-block because of traffic and traffic is regulated by traffic lights. During peak times, the contractor will provide manual guidance to the contractor and, where necessary, police to maximize traffic flow.

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