Gal's operation will cost a lot less, the mother's work is being investigated by criminals

Boy Gal finally goes to Florida for a hand surgery. Caritas in Maribor announced that the money for the operation has been raised and the account remains open, as additional donations are expected to cover rehabilitation costs and other unforeseen expenses, Gal's mother explains. But even though Mom claimed they needed the least 120 for the surgery. 000 euros, the original price was much lower, and the doctor also granted Gal's mom a discount.

For almost a year, we've been following the story of a little boy named Gala, whose family raised money for hand surgery. Fundraising was dragging on, with new irregularities coming in every day. President of the Maus Society, who eventually admitted to borrowing from the money raised 25 of thousands, and the business of her society is now being investigated by criminals. However, irregularities in raising money were also reported by Gal's mother Natasha Vrbnjak Steflic . Namely, she was raising money in several different accounts, and the cost of the operation was increasing. . the same month. But surgery and rehab in Florida, including all other emergency expenses, would never reach 120. 000 Euros, let alone 150. 000 Euros. The Council's editorial office has documents proving that the original cost of surgery and rehabilitation was in Florida 60. 000 Euros.

Shortly before New Year's, Gal's mother then received a discount from an American doctor. She had already known since the end of December that the surgery only cost 68. 900 Euros. Since the advance of EUR 8 900 has already been paid, it is only necessary to transfer to Florida 60. 000 Euros. Caritas Maribor, which has taken over raising money for the Gala, announced that it will send the money for the operation directly to the hospital where the operation will take place. The bill has not yet been paid.

According to a broadcast by the Council, Gal's mother, an American physician, in an email further warned that one of the Slovene journalists could ask him something about the cost of the operation and asked him not to reveals.

A Gala is awaiting US surgery in late May. PHOTO: Channel A

The account of the Archdiocese of Caritas Maribor accrued until 3 February 91. 322, 82 euros. That amount does not include the money raised for the Gala by Maus Society and his mother's personal account. “We don't want anything to do with this,” said Darko Bračun , Secretary General of Caritas Maribor.

But the money for the Gala is still being collected. Why? Gal's mother said they are collecting donations for physiotherapy and any unforeseen expenses. In Caritas Maribor, the amount of these costs is estimated at 26. 107, 26 euros, and most of these costs are intended to cover the cost of accommodation, accommodation and other essential living expenses. Caritas Maribor emphasizes that all payments will be made directly to the account of the service provider, surgery, rehabilitation or after the evidence has been provided to the beneficiary of the TRR. “We make payments with funds raised at the Caritas Maribor TRR,” point out at Caritas Maribor.

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The money for the Gala will be collected at the Caritas Maribor in accordance with the provisions of the agreement until 000. October this year. If more money is raised than is needed for Gal's surgery, rehabilitation and recovery, there will be a certain portion (50 percent) of the surplus will go to children with similar problems. However, the rest of the funds would still go to Gala if rehabilitation had not been completed by this time. operations as additional costs. According to Council information, Gal's mother's work is now under investigation by criminals as well. Police have confirmed that the pre-trial procedure is ongoing and that other information cannot be provided due to the interest of further proceedings.

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