Function of the President of the Parliament: the clash between Tonin and Cerar?

The day after the SMC, DeSUS and NSi party executives meet with SDS champion Janez Janša, backstage fights are underway. They are scheduled to meet again on Tuesday, with the key priorities of a possible coalition already on the table. The biggest puzzle in the staff jigsaw is supposed to be the function of the Speaker of the National Assembly.

Talks on a possible new coalition were held with SDS Champion Janez Jansa on Friday. avoid early elections. Janša invited all parties to the talks and only three responded – SMC, NSi and DeSUS.

As reported, both DeSUS and SMC are ready for the second round of negotiations, but did not comment on yesterday's meeting in NSi. Jansa then announced that the second round of negotiations would take place next week, allegedly on Tuesday, but this time it would not be held separately, but that all party presidents would meet together.

Many questions remain to be answered. At this moment, the clash between the NSi President Mate Tonin and Mir Cerar is in the forefront of the personnel cut. ) for the post of Speaker of Parliament.

In Nova Slovenia, they emphasize the importance of the function of the President of the National Assembly for the established functioning of the coalition, and they already have their own candidate. Of course, they are referring to their President, who led Parliament during the formation of the coalition of Marjan Sarc .

The NSi would appoint its Speaker Matthew Tonin as Speaker. PHOTO: Channel A

Unofficially, the hottest chair in Parliament should also be wanted in the SMC, first because they would be the second largest party Janša's coalitions, as well as to 'get' former Prime Minister and current Foreign Minister Mir Cerar there.

In doing so, they would also get rid of their deputy Jani Möderndorfer , who is difficult to imagine in support of the Janša government.

In SMC, NSi and DeSUS, however, they point out that we are still a long way from the Janša coalition and that content discussions will be key to its formation. They are expected to resume on Tuesday, when Janša expects clear program directions from his interlocutors.

The SMC will continue to discuss possible cooperation with the LMS in the new week, but will not neglect the preparations for possible elections despite the negotiations. not even DeSUS and Nova Slovenia.

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