French Cup: the worst eliminations of the Girondins since 2000


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  • Bordeaux 33

    Already the first concern is communication … no one speaks the same language it is lamentable

  • Ano 826935


  • cantanis 33

    It is a pity that players are protected by concrete contracts; impossible to fire them for serious professional misconduct; guys, they don't mind the club as long as they get their wages at the end of the month. 4 or 5 players are to be kept in this number of dancers; you have to fire everything else (not even in National, they wouldn't have their place), and bring in around fifteen good players who want it. When Sousa, his obstinacy to lock himself in his faulty tactical scheme, it will be necessary to take care of his case before the total sinking. (Poyet was doing better).

  • Gilbert 33

    A team that is too diverse: who understands who, who listens to whom, who loves whom? etc ……

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