Enrique Iglesias Reveals the Sex of a Third Baby: A little girl joined them

Musician Enrique Iglesias and his fiancee, former tennis player Anna Kournikova, shared with their fans moments captured just after the birth of their third child. According to the photos, the girls were delighted by the stars.

Star couple Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova , who recently partnered with a new family member and hid her newborn baby for a few days, has now posted on the social networks the first photos to reveal that the two Flying old twins Nicholas and Lucy are joined by a sister.

Proud Daddy is on He posted to Instagram a photo taken just after he was born and wrote: “My sunshine.” On it, his daughter, who has a lovely pink on her head he holds a large hat, holds it in his hands, and despite his mask, he can see his wide smile.

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A moment after her birth, Kournik's on Instagram also shared the date of the girl's birth.

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The happy news of the birth was confirmed to the public by Enrique's older brother Julio Iglesias Jr. ). During an interview with Chilean radio station , ADN said he had become an uncle again. “I became an uncle.” Then the radio host told him: “I understand, but I want to say that Enrique and Ana are expecting another increase. “ He then reiterated that he was already an uncle, confirming the happy news of the baby's birth.

“My brother is already three. He is overjoyed, happy about his music too, logically,” said another son Julia Iglesias

and Isabel Preysler , who at the time kept the information about the gender of the child to himself: “It's a secret,” added. A secret that has not long been hidden – so may it be with the name of the newborn.

They became a family of five – a girl joined them. PHOTO: Profimedia

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