Édouard Philippe starts his campaign on Saturday in the streets of Le Havre

Casual, Édouard Philippe walked through the streets of Le Havre this Saturday, the day after the formalization of his candidacy for the municipal elections

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe, candidate head of the list in the municipal elections in his fief of Le Havre, offered himself a morning stroll on Saturday in the streets of the port city for his first campaign outing. Relaxed, the head of government who announced that he would stay in Matignon if he was elected, went to meet the people of Le Havre and exchanged with the merchants of the city center, in the presence of his bodyguards.

Quiet walk, smiles and handshakes: many locals challenged Edouard Philippe on his way, encouraging him, others saying they were happy to see him back in Le Havre.

Sud Ouest

Photo credit: LOU BENOIST AFP

He predicts “a difficult election”

Édouard Philippe announced Friday that he would run as the top candidate for the municipal elections in Le Havre, a city of which he had been mayor since 2010 until his appointment to Matignon in 2017. “It is a choice that has been both matured and obvious at the same time,” he pleaded before several hundred of his supporters gathered in a small room in Le Havre, for the launch of the campaign.

The Prime Minister predicted “a difficult election” both “humanly” and “politically”, in a tense social context and when several hundred people demonstrated outside the room at the call of the CGT, sounding detonations agricultural bombs and sirens.

Incidents occurred at the end of the demonstration and the police force fired tear gas canisters.

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