Directorate: Trees in the area of ​​the tragic accident were not detected as dangerous

Trees that collapsed and claimed the death of Podvelka on Monday due to a hurricane wind have not been identified as dangerous, the Infrastructure Directorate said. The latter has, and is still planning, investing more in safeguards over the Dravograd-Maribor road.

In the Drava valley, on the Dravograd-Maribor state road, In the last year and a half in the area of ​​Podvelka municipality, two tragic traffic accidents took place during or after the accident, in which three people died.

On Monday morning, a tree fell on a vehicle from the slope above the main road 52 – An annual homemaker who died at the scene of the accident. About three kilometers away from the site of the accident, near Brezno, most likely due to previous heavy rainfall 30 . October 2018 a rock lay on the same main road and buried two people in a car underneath.

He died in an accident 52 – year. PHOTO: POP TV

On Monday, the Infrastructure Directorate for STA said that the trees that collapsed on the state road carriageway at the scene of the tragic event were “healthy, upright growth and therefore did not show any signs of burglary. Therefore, they were not detected as dangerous as part of the national road inspections. “

They also stated that at the site where the tragic event took place, immediately before the event, intervention work was done to remove the fallen tree. A fallen tree that claimed the death was also damaged by a vehicle of workers who removed previously fallen trees before the accident. None of them were injured.

Otherwise, in the Carinthia region, where the national road maintenance concessionaire is VOC Celje or. VOC Carinthia, workers on Monday between 2 30 until 17. clocks removed 37 trees on eight sections of state roads. “Trees have been knocked down by hurricane-force gusts in locations that cannot be predicted or determined in advance,” wrote in the Directorate.

As a part of the concession contract, the VOC of Carinthia last year carried out works to remove tree overgrowth from the area of ​​the National Roads Roads Council, and also carried out regular road inspections.

“For trees on private land adjacent to the roadway and identified as dangerous trees for traffic on a national road, the concessionaire shall notify the landowners in writing of the need to remove these trees. If owners do not respond, refer the matter to the Infrastructure Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia, “ stated at the Directorate and, as mentioned, wrote that the trees that caused the tragic accident had been torn down, were not detected as dangerous.

Tree fell on car. PHOTO: Police

But the area of ​​the main road appears to be quite dangerous, which the locals have warned the authorities before the tragic accident that occurred near Brezno at the end of October when the falling rock claimed two deaths.

As explained by the directorate in connection with this accident, they first put feeder-traps there after the accident. fence 160 meters long and dug a trench. The value of these works by the end of November 2018 was good 217. 000 Euros.

Then, at the end of the year 2018 and last year, investments were made on the road sections between Radlje and Ruta for protection of falling stone blocks for EUR 1.5 million. Currently, work to protect against falling rocks is underway at Vuhred Hydroelectric Power Plant. These works are well worth the contract 280. 000 Euros and will be completed by 15 ).

According to the Directorate, in the years 2018 and

guardrails installed 1420 in length, with high tensile mesh protecting the rocky banks on the surface 550 square meters.

This year, Phase 1 envisages the implementation of protective measures against falling rocks on the roadsides on all sections of the main road Dravograd- Maribor. It will be installed approximately 11. 000 square meters of high tensile anchor and plain nets and 270 meters of feeder traps. The estimated value of the works is EUR 1.2 million. In the following, they plan an even more in-depth analysis of the threat to the rest of the hinterland and further investments.

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