Death of a child: the National Assembly retains a 12-day leave

The National Assembly authorized on Thursday the donation of RTT in the event of the death of a child but was very narrowly rejected the initial proposal of the group UDI-Agir to establish a bereavement leave of 12 days rather than 5. The grant of 12 days of leave was only rejected by 40 voice against 38, at the end of a debate which quickly escalated.

The text of the centrist group, examined within the framework of a day dedicated to its proposals (“parliamentary niche”), had been adopted in committee last week, but without this measure headlight. The rapporteur, Guy Bricout (UDI-Agir), tried in the hemicycle to return to the original text, arguing that 5 days were “not up to par” to “resume foot following the death of a child “and calling for the” humanity “of his colleagues. He recalled that each year in France, 4 500 children die before reaching the age of majority.

“Shame” and “Misunderstanding”

In response, Sereine Mauborgne (LREM) defended the “possibility for the employer to create a donation account”, the Minister of Labor Muriel Pénicaud also highlighting before a “surge of solidarity” with the gift of RTT for a bereaved colleague.

But the oppositions rose to the crenel, saying their “shame” of the refusal of the majority to extend the leave, like Pierre Cordier (related LR). “We are talking about the tragedy of tragedies”, “twelve days, I thought it would pass like a letter in the post,” launched the rebellious François Ruffin, denouncing a majority “mean”.

It is a conception of national solidarity “which escapes me”, Moetai Brotherson, a member of the majority PCF group, still judged, while the ex-LREM Agnès Thill mocked “a humanity with variable geometry ” in his former colleagues. Jean-Christophe Lagarde (UDI-Agir) said his “misunderstanding”, saying that this leave should be “supported by the nation” and not referred to donations between colleagues. Muriel Pénicaud replied that the centrist text as drafted was not based on national solidarity, but on leave “paid 100% by the company”.

After the rejection of the leave of 12 days, Brigitte Kuster (LR) cast a majority “unable to listen”. “When you buy generosity at a good price from the backs of companies, it's still a little easy,” replied Sereine Mauborgne (LREM), raising strong protests in the hemicycle.

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